Sunday, September 30, 2007

My weekend was also very relaxing.....It was nice to get some sleep for a change and me and some friends got to go fishing and hiking this morning that was really fun...We caught a few little fish but nothing really worth mentioning. I also had to give tours this past saturday for the university, I swear if it was not for us tour guides they would not get half as many people here to the university then they do....and we don't even get paid extra for it or anything! I think we should get commission, that would be awesome...7% of a $32,000 tuition fee would be mucho dinero! But anyways, I like that I blog on sundays now because it makes my life week a lot less stressful then it usually is...That is all I got this time, can't wait for class on Tuesday!

relaxing weekend : )

So this weekend was pretty much amazing. Friday I got to go home and see my best friends even though one had just had surgery (everything went well). That was nice and then Saturdays game was pretty much amazing : ) and the night was even better. and then Sunday I got to relax and play guitar hero all day so umm yea that was is pretty much self explainatory. I think it was so relaxing because I didnt do ANY homework. Yea I need to get on that. Well I hope this week isnt terrible.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

the class today was great.. i enjoyed the rap session but the conversations were really wierd.. but then so is rap..
also, what was enjoyable was that the class seemed more interactive today and the initial confusion in performing caused by not knowing who the other was, was hilarious..
i love this class..

another day @ convo...

Another funny story about convo..
so i was sitting there minding my own business with my friends at convo, when this random person comes and pulls up a chair and sits with us. And its his foreign crazy person who eats like a wild animal! It was grose! He ate so much and just shoved the chicken legs in his mouth ate off the meat and then spit out the bone. After that, I got up and left. I totally lost my appetite by then!

Thank goodness

Okay so I just tried to send my blog and an error came up so all my stuff was erased. this one is going to be short and sweet. Thank goodness this week is almost over. This week along with the whole semester has been ridiculously crazy.

High Hopes

Well, I really dont feel like writing a post because this past tuesday my grandfather died and the funeral was yesterday...He was an awesome man and was truly blessed in his life...If anything the only thing Im gonna say in this post is to live life to the fullest (within your belief's boundaries) because you never know when the big man upstairs is gonna call you home....I was truly blessed with an amazing grandfather and i know this is a time for morning but I can't help but celebrate because he is finally free from his pain and truly happy...

Almost forgot

Yep, I almost forgot to post today. The past week has been so "fun"-filled I just couldn't stand it.

Not to blow my own horn, but, well I am going to blow my own horn, I actually think I am getting better at this acting stuff! I certainlly wouldn't call it good yet, but definately better than what I was in the begining of class. I am starting to feel a lot more compfortable...

acting Class, and staying up late to study for Dr. Moser's class

Hey so i just got done studying for Dr. Mosers class and let me tell you memorizing over 65 terms and 2 big essays plus some more. My brain feels like its going to explode. But on the other hand i really enjoyed the acting out and guessing the age exercise. It really makes it fun to act that particular part out. You have fun either way if your the actor or the audience. I must also say that the exercise where you have sound effects is so hilarious and i love both the new exercises and strongly think that we should do them again.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I love our class. I think the people in it have gotten to know eachother and have good chemistry. We also resond well to eachothers' acting. I know I sound like I'm sucking up or something, but I really enjoy going to this acting class. The only thing keeping me from skipping statistics every Tuesday and Thursday, is that I know if I make it through, I have acting right after it. I love sunshine and rainbows and lollipops, too.


Hello wall post folk. I have a story. The other I attended the recreational services center. I went on a journey through weights and bicycles, sweating men and women and equipment of all sorts. It was a tumultuos journey but through the help of my friends I was able to overcome this terrible onslaught of danger and sweat. After my journey I arrived at the smoothie bar and I ordered a drink of grand flavor. It was a milkshake that was better then all the others around. I shall not be able to drink another milkshake without thinking about that glorious day of danger, yet with all of the danger around I was able to find a diamond in the rough. To make a long story short Dane makes real good milkshakes.


Haha-I just realized that like, 1/4 of the class was disaffiliated for Recruitment. Anyway-I think I'm headed for a meltdown. I don't like complaining (actually I hate it) so I'll call this venting. Recruitment took a lot out of me, then I had a bit of work to kick off this week (but I don't really ever get stressed, so it's OK). And then just a big general problem/mess that's wearing me down and basically ruining my life. BUT-good news: I think I'm meeting my little sister in Wooster Saturday for lunch, which is good because anytime Beck and I get together and eat, it's always a good time.

make believe..

the world of make-believe in the Theater class is awesome, wish real life was also so simple.. just make up things n there they r for real..
i liked the way Josh acted, his way of depicting the 3 yr old kid was awesome.. whenevr i see him, i think of it n feel like laughing :D


So i could not stop laughing in class today. First of all everytime we play that game at the start of class carbone makes the funniest faces when you look at him. Then we did the excercise where we were being moved and bills face was like the one on his hat. HILARIOUS!! And prolly the best thing of all was what bray and i discovered about dane. Her laugh is amazing and its really cool to make fun of lol Shes such a good sport about it too

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

how convo is hallarious....

So, this weekend my friends and I were at convo. For practically an hour on Saturday! We were sitting in a booth, eating dinner, when we noticed this hilarious foreign women eating. She had a bowl of yogurt, beans, and a plate of meat and potatoes. She would poke each piece of food and shove it in her face. Then she would shove the yogurt in her mouth, while it was dripping from her chin and the spoon. Her face looked like a chipmunk storing food in her mouth. It was pretty hilarious at convo this week...

Hell Week

I have three big test this week. I hate how all my porfessors wait till the same week to give their first test while thinking they are giving theirs later than all the other professors. That is why I enjoy this class because it acts as a break from my major classes... a.k.a my no fun classes.
On top of all this, I have a big soccer game this weekend and I need to get myself and the team back in shape by Saturday.

Lovin it

This semester is killing me

Okay so I have never been so busy in my whole life. I feel like I get up in the morning and do not stop until I have to go to bed. I need time to myself but I really dont have any. But onto better things... its officially Fall : ) Yay and the leaves are beginning to fall and change colors. It's so beautiful. Im super excited about that and also the Rascal Flatts new CD just came out and its amazing so far. Everyone should go get it!

The illusion is gone

Last week has been so hectic for me I can't even begin to tell you all. At least it's over now and after a few hours of cleaning my oven, I feel soooo much better.

Class is great, but I hate what it's done for me... Now, because of all the stuff we've been doing, I see it happining in every movie I watch now... The illusion is gone....But it is a lot of fun, and I do enjoy it, just not that one part.

The game

Alright so I guess I really need to work on keeping a straight face in the game we play. I just felt really dumb last week when I was pounding my shoulders and having Chris stare right at me I think thats one thing I really need to work on to make my self better at acting. BTW pro wrestlers are really good actors and even better athetles. Monday Night Raw is the best show on television.

Monday, September 24, 2007

So, this weekend i realized how dull and boring ashland is. I went to Ohio University, and words can not express the ridiculousness that is Palmer street. People are very funny when they are drunk, ask Carbone. Oh and Daine works at the smoothie bar in the Rec. Center. You should all go see her and try to get free food out of her. She enjoys the company.

Can this week be over yet?

I feel like i have so much to do! At least my quiz in history went well today. i think i did a good job but i could be wrong and now i need to write a paper that is due wednesday and i have two exams; one on wednesday and one on thursday. i do not like my professor in my child development class. i really wish she would me the exam to friday. we just went over stuff in class today that will be on the exam and she gave us like a four page study guide! ARG! so talking about the exams i need to go study and maybe tackle my paper a bit more. i haven't worked out in over a week and wish i had time too :(

Best day of the season

today was my first full day off from football ass seasone and it will be until our bye week. I had a ton planned but instead of getting anything done i drank beers and played risk. So basically i took full advantage of my extra time.


Since that last class where we had people working together and talking, I have been watching people (such as the convo workers) to see how much they talk as they work. It is interesting how we want to talk during the exercise in class but in reality people really don't talk to each other very much. With this, i have been watching people in my classes as they sit and listen to the professor or whatever. How they just listen is not very active. What i mean by this is they don't respond with body language to everything that happens like we do when we pretend to listen. When your out, watch people.
I was so excited whole of last week because there were not many assignments, but this week has just begun, and the assignments are just piling up. To top it all, I have two tests this week, one of them being Math. Don't know what I am going to do, the math-phobic that I am. Hope all goes well.
I am eagerly waiting to see the play for the Theater class. Hope this week goes by like a blur.

recruitment is over

Greek recruitment is finally over and I'm so happy don't get me wrong its a fun time, but everything just meshes together with school and its really hard to get your work done. I mean your burning the candle at both ends. Being able to use your voice in acting class is cool, but i really liked the fact that we didn't over use it because if we do its just going to be overkill. Also that we use it in a realistic manner and not a very unrealistic way. Ya for the Indians, I'm sad the browns lost, but there is much more improvement with them than past years. My Miami Dolphins are having a horrible start to the season and I'm upset about that, but they will bounce back after all there the only team who has gone all the way to win the Superbowl undefeated. Props to coach Shula, and the no name defense.


So i am really enjoying class also i think it is pretty cool how we all react with each other and the other thing is the bike rack thing never gets old. And for the browns today i am really upset the timeout was a joke. But at least one team did something today and thats the indians. I am pretty excited about that. And i dont think im the only one who is So lets go Cleveland

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Well I sure am super stoked Megan!!! But I myself am reaffiliated again too guys which is nice because I can start to wear the other half of my wardrobe...Its been really nice out, I like the weather...the Bengals lost again so that sucks, Reds have not given us any hope all year. I have to say that I have really been on this last of the Mohicans kick, I love that movie....It really makes me want to live in the wilderness for a year or so....but we will see....that is all for now, everyone have a good night

attention Acting for Non Majors section B:

A) I am reaffiliated with my awesome chapter, which is Alpha Delta Pi now that recruitment is over. B) I'm not the only Greek woman in the class anymore! Kelsy pledged ADPI AND I'm her big diamond! I'm major stoked, and I hope you all are, too.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jedi 3

I beat my jedi game today. It only took me three days and now I'm lost. I understand the losery aspect but heck it was fun. It was fun.

Friday, September 21, 2007


I am really enjoying this acting class. On a side note, I also love the Browns. I am waiting for this weeks game becuase I really want them to win. Another cleveland team is the Indians that look absolutely amazing this year. I am proud to say that I am from the cleveland area this year!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jedi 2

Ok so last night right after I wrote my Blog, my Jedi game froze. I wouldnt work at all. I would jsut let it sit there for like 15 minutes at a time and nothing would happen. I thought that I was going to lose my new favorite game. But today I went a different route with it. I started at a different point that I saved it at and low and behold it worked. I started playing it today like right after class and I havent stopped since. Well time to go to dinner and when I get back more fighting the evil forces.

september 20

so today in class was fun. i really love the game we play at the begining. its pretty sweet, and i also enjoy writing things down for other people to do because you can see how they interpret things. But also the 4 people in a group thing was cool, especially since we had such a good idea.
Well, another day, another post. Today I think I will write about a place I like tofrequent often which is Linder's Bar and Grill. It is really crazy over there right now because they are redoing the main floors floor boards so there is construction and maintanence all over the place. The only thing that is still open is the very top party room that is a little small but still pretty nice. I like Linders' as a bar because first of actually IS a real bar that is privately owned, unlike Bdubs. It also has a great atmosphere free of annoying freshman and also free of the to "townie" crowd. But all in all, I love the place and it is always fun to get away and have a few drinks at a great bar with a great atmosphere.....

Fall is the best season EVER

Fall is amazing. Its the best feeling to wake up and throw on some pants and a T-shirt and maybe a thin jacket. The leaves on all the trees look so pretty : ) You can go in corn mazes, carve pumpkins, drink apple cider, just sit by a fire with some jeans and a hoody on. Its so great. Its my favorite season every and I look forward to it every year. The best football weather too. Chilly but not too cold. I hope I've convinced you that Fall does not suck.

fall does suck i agree

Hey your right, i never have any problems with my sinuses until the seasons change. This week is rush week for the fraternities on campus, so with all the talking we have to do and the long nights it decides to drop 20 degrees and my nose gets all messed up. You know your not sick with a cold, but the drop in the temperature ruins your day. My eyes itch i cant get a good night sleep when i need it the most and i feel like crap in the morning to go to class and i don't even have taste buds. But enough of me complaining i really do love the rush of recruitment week and soon enough fall will be here to our delight so until then I'm just going to have to suck it up and move on with my life. But i really need to start doing my homework earlier in the day as opposed to the late night that doesn't help either.

A Few Things...

First of all, I love the fall and Josh Braun described it very well. However, I think it is getting cold too fast and I'm not ready for it. Now I must make a two hour drive home to pick up my fall and winter clothes. Any ways, last classes exercises were pretty difficult. Its hard to think of things that a group of people do that involve the same object. Every time a group did something well, like the snow ball and moving the tire, I was like ohh thats too simple, even thought that was what we were suppose to chose, something simple. I'm very curious as to what all these exercises build up to, besides becoming a great actor.

Great day

It is a great day for me because it is Wednesday. I love this day because it falss in the middle of the week. I only have three classes left and the weekend is almost here. The weather has been amazing and I love to be outside experiencing it. It is probably going to be one of the last great weeks before winter hits, so I must go and enjoy the out doors. I believe we should have class outside on the quad that way people can walk by and wonder what the heck we are doing. That is just a thought that came about.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fall sucks

Alright, i know josh really likes the fall, but i hate it when the seasons change. I love all of the seasons, but when the temperature drops 20 degrees in a week, my sinuses go irate. The last four days i've been sneezing and coughing and sleeping and itching my eyes.... Its terrible... Ive coughed up things from my lungs that i know should never be in your lungs...I think i hacked up a small hamster or something the other day... My nose is running like a Kenyan... and I'm gonna go take a nap... But the leaves are pretty.


I used to play madden football all the time on xbox. It wasn't even that fun for me anymore iot became more of a habit than an activity. I would just play and play and not even enjoy the game anymore. Well yesterday I began playing a new game. It is Star Wars Jedi Academy. I havent been able to stop playing it's so much fun. I think I'm about to beat the game and I know I sound like one of those kids who plays World of warcraft but I can't help it, it's a fun game and plus once I've beaten the game I probably won't ever play it again. But seriously it's fricken awesome.

same here megan

i can't believe how much work rush week is and on top of that i still have all of my class work and i am ready to just go jump off the roof of the library. Does anyone care to join me!? but im totally kidding so don't think im some suicidal maniac. And speaking of franklin's autobiography...yeah.. im on page 53 and the paper is due wednesday not to mention that quiz we have monday! wow school is just kicking my butt this year AND IM ONLY TAKING 15 CREDIT HOURS THIS SEMESTER! im kind of worried about whats going to happen when i start student teaching next semester and im taking like 18 credit hours. im going to have no life. im really glad that im not swimming anymore! im just glad that im taking this class because it helps me relax and have a good time for a little bit.


It's only Wednesday of Recruitment Week and I'm already beat. I'm pretty sure the week's only gonna drain me more, and I'm not making things any easier for myself by checking Facebook and playing Tetris when I should be reading Franklin's autobiography (hear that, Dave?) This class is nice to have break up my work load, though. The group acting was kind of tough to get the hang of on Tuesday. I was nervous I wasn't going to be able to guess what Max was doing so I'd have to make up a random action and hope it blended with whatever he did. Once we got the hang of the assignment, though, it became a little more easier to work as a group (such as moving a beached whale, for example, which is something I actually do everyday).

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bike Rack

I just wanted to kinda call out our instructor, a Mr. Fabio Polanco. Everyday he says that we're gonna fight by the bike rack. And everyday i'm out there warming up w/o my shirt on waiting for him, ready to kill. Today i waited for nearly 2 and a half hours. But it seems that everyday he seems to be more cowardly than the day before and he never shows up. I just wanted to know how scared of me he really is i mean comeon be a man!!


So today in class was really hard! it was hard to pick and choose a topic that everyone can do as a group, but that nobody knew what they were doing until Anthony went up and started it. most of the times we couldn't think of or know of what he was trying to show us! But other than that, it was interesting. And that game we played at the beginning of class was cool, we played that a lot at camp over the summer, but it was cool to play it with college kids, and see how they reacted differently than camp kids.
I love fall....I love the smell, the sensation, and the changes that the fall always brings. I know that it is not yet "officially" fall but from the change in the weather it's pretty safe to say it is fall.....My friends and I headed to Mohican state Park this past weekend to check out an Indian Pow-wow festival that they were holding. It was awesome! They had tons of little tents and booths set up for venders and also had dancers all the way from Mexico! It was such an awesome experience. I really wanted to buy an Indian flute there but I didn't quite have the money to get one, oh well. But it was a great weekend and I had so much fun I'm glad I got to experience it because those Pow-Wows only happen twice a year. So it was fun being able to experience one in the beautiful fall weather!
Well going with Dave's post yeah it's going to be crazy esspically since I am disaffiliated from my fraternity which kinda stinks but it's kinda fun in it's own weird way but what I wanna just come out and say to everyone is 50 rules and Kanye drules. Now this should win the Oscar for Drama of the year I garuntee everyone album sales are way higher due to the "beef" between the Rapper 50 and the hip hop artist Kanye West. Yes I called him a hip hop artitst because he is not a rapper.

this week is going to be busy

This week is going to be crazy well for me any way i have a paper due tuesday, and a bunch of reading due all week for classes and a upcoming test. Plus its recruitment week which means alot of time for Phi Kappa Psi. But its all good i love that place so much and i can't wait to much more work in it than i have done in the past. This year is going to be good i can feel it or at least i think its going to be. I really enjoy the excersies in class where one starts doing an activity and others then join in its alot of fun. To see what the other person is going to do. And its fun to join in and add a littlbe bit of your own creativity to the project.
I can finally post on this thing.... thank you for allowing me this opportunity.

Its a great day in Paradise

The wekend has come and gone in the blink of my eyes. The weekends is something that I always look forward to, and that is because I get to hang out with all of my friends. we actually do some of the things for real that we act out in class. Which is why this class is so interesting to me. Everything that we have done in class I now watch tv shows or even movies and try to pick out there acting styles and such or to what the actor is reacting to.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Last Class

Thursday's activities were pretty fun. I really like how we didn't know what we were going to do. Some of the things were sort of lame but oh well. When we had to cut the tree down it was hard because sometimes I had and idea in my head but couldn't tell my partner without looking obvious, so I ended up breaking the silence. I'm really looking forward to next class. Now i'm going say some more things and suck up a little more... i'm kidding, but I really do look forward to this class.

fun filled weekend

So this weekend was amazing... started off I had NOTHING to do on Friday and then my best friend calls me and says she has an extra ticket to the Brad Paisley concert, its 6:30 pm and the concert starts at 7:30. I get ready and I'm on the road by 7:10pm I wanna say. I get to Blossom at 9:00. Just in time to see Brad Paisley : ) Amazing and I got to see my best friend too. Then Saturday I have my first away football game... fun times! even though we did lose I still had a great time ( sorry guys). Then Sunday, pretty eventful day. I work for Ashland University catering and they had a "special event". It ended up being a V.I.P. invitation party for the MTV show my super sweet sixteen ( yea I might be on TV). So that was fun, crazy and it kidna make me sick what useless things people do with their money but whatever. Then after that I went to cheer practice 5 - 7 and then hurried over to the Ashland County Fair for the tractor pull... killer time there too. Yea I definitely needed a weekend like this because I have been stressed.

Guitar Hero

Son of a witch... im so ducking pissed... at the begginning of the semester, me and my roomate had a contest on who could beat Guitar Hero 2 first. We had been neck and neck for quite some time, and i finally pulled ahead recently, beating all but one son on expert. The last song is Free Bird, and probably the hardest on the game.. So today im sitting at lunch and in strolls my roomate, with a big grin on his face... my worst fears came true when he said he had just beat the game on expert. My soul died a little when i heard this news... The worst thing is I have been playing GH2 all summer and he just started three weeks ago. But seriously, nobody can beat us. We are ridiculous. Room 312 in Kil if anyone dares to challenge us.

Game Clue

That's okay Megan, you still get one point!

The fellow on the left once played a Lip Syncing Transvestite in the 1993 movie "The Harvest".
The Lady on the right was born 1962 in Roswell, New Mexico, which explains a lot! She also was the voice of Dallas Grimes in the 1996 release of Beavis & Butt-Head Do America.

Good luck! Take a wild guess, you never know, you just might be right!

class on thursday

so i have to say that manipulating objects is a lot harder when you have other things besides a rope and you are playing tug of war. The thing that was hard was knowing what you partner was doing with the object when you didn't have it. When mitch and i were playing soccer i thought he had kicked the ball to me and he really hadn't so i was head bunting nothing. i am also excited for class tomorrow because i can't really imagine how we can take these mirror exercises any further.
i'm really anticipating class tomorrow. each day's activity is a build off the previous class, and as we progress it gets more and more challenging. what i think is kind of interesting is that we're starting from nothing (no props, voice...) so that we can eventually build up to an actual scene. at least that's my understanding-i could be totally wrong. but it's almost like we have to earn the right to use a real rope, or use a real dialogue. almost like we can understand it and really appreciate it more when we actually get to use it. does that even make sense? and ps: i have no idea who are in the pics this week :(

Weather and Browns

I dont understand this weather. The other day I was out and about wearing hoodies and pants and then today I'm sweating wearing shorts and T-shirts. This weather only happens in Ohio. Speaking of Ohio, who watched the browns Cinci game this weekend? Whoever posted last week and said the Browns suck you were obviously incorrect. Even though they played a terrible defense I didn't see Baltimore do that last week. Thank you very much

Thursday, September 13, 2007

everytime i used to go in front of the class to perform, i always felt a little nervous thinking that others are watching me and I shouldn't make a fool of myself.. but today, when I put that fear aside, i felt i was able to be honset about what I was doing.. n i believe that Acting requires one to be honest with what one is doing in order to be convincing..


First the point totals:

Bray leads with 20
Megan, Big Hale & Cbone each have 5
Hagdaddy & Kelsy each have 1

So here we go again, lets get away from the singers and go back to an actress and actor. Both are currently superstars in Hollywood......


I think that activity was pretty successful for everyone. It is hard to put facial expressions and body movement into something that isnt really happening but once you do it helps the audience understand your situation and draws more interest I think. WHen doing the tug-of-war excerise it was important to react to what your partner was doing to make it more realistic. If your partner was tugging really hard you should have been pulled forward and vice versa. I think when thr groups did that you could almost picture the rope between them. I thought a lot of the groups were able to pull that off.


I' m not quite sure what to write about so I figured I would write about class. I was pretty amazed as to how good acting really looks like. I thought that Anthony looked real good in the tug-o-war drill. It really honestly did look like he was actually in the middle of a competition. I even found myself a litlle bit sore once I was done. It wasn't as easy as some people made it out to be and I understand why. Having to act off of other people is incredibly hard and I haven't even began to grasp the tip of the iceberg with it. I look forward to being able to learn more on how to react and act off of others in tommorows class.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


For this blog I just wanted to talk about the last class....I thought it was really funny and crazy watching everybody during the rope exercise. I must admit that I was wore out after me and my partner went at it we went at it like crazy stallions, not just crazy stallions, I mean REALLY crazy stallions...I put so much energy into that dang thing I think I broke a bloodvessel, just to clarify this is the rope exercise Im talking about not a sexual act..But it was pretty cool to see when a good group went how you could almost really see the rope...that something that I never really noticed but it is hard to "act" like there is something there when it really is not. So I hope by the end of this class I can not only act when there is nothing there but be able to win any invisible tug-o-war contest I am ever in...


Tuesday's class period was quite entertaining. I thought the tug-o-war activity was amazing. I had a great time just trying to concentrate on the rope being in my hands. It was also pretty cool to see other peoples' faces and trying to do the same thing.


So I'm sitting here doing my homework for tomorrow right now, and I must say I'm looking forward to tomorrows class. I missed tuesday, and it was a very empty tuesday indeed! Anyways, I must delve into the world of modern poetry now (why did i friggin take this class?) and I will see all of your bright shining faces tomorrow,

Peace in the Middle East


So you may laugh, but i have a dog back home. She is a chihuahua and i love her more than anything. I also have another dog, half lab, half poodle. This dog is about three times larger than my chihuahua. About a month ago, we noticed that my dog was getting big around her tummy. This was not good, because if she was pregnant, there was a good chance that there would be complications in the birth. Sure enough, she was pregnant, and due in about three weeks. Dogs pregnancy is much shorter than humans, only lasting about 55-60 days. She began to grow larger and larger to a point where i was scared for her health. About two weeks ago, she gave birth, and was in labor nearly 12 hours and had to be taken to the vet. He gave her a shot that induced contractions, and she gave birth to three out of four healthy puppies; one white, one brown, one black. One puppy was lost. She was fine afterwards but i still haven't seen the newborns. The lesson of this story is to get your pets fixed, or at least have dogs that are the same size.

Game #3 UPDATE

1 point to Kelsy for posting, One point to hagdaddy for guessing incorrectly...BUT he was VERY close!

One was Knighted in 1995
One was nearly deported because of his political views
One had an obsession with Indian culture,
One liked to wear rings on all his fingers

i don't know

i don't know how i felt about class on Tuesday. i really like the mirror exercises and Tanya you go way too fast by the way :D but the tug of war thing was really interesting. i don't know if you guys remember when me and stuck did it but my arms we shaking like crazy and im pretty sure my face was beat red. my arms felt really sore after we were done too. and for those of you who were wondering i was washing a 2007 black Honda civic because it was the first thing that popped in my head. somebody thought i was rolling in an escalade! ha ha ha whoever told me made my day!

our town

Tuesday's class was kind of fun for me because it reminded me of my freshman year in high school when we did Our Town. The whole play was done without props except for 2 ladders and maybe a couple chairs. The entire thing was performed through pantomime, and at first it was hard for me to get the hang of things. After awhile, I really had a system down and could almost see my kitchen: the table, the sink, the door...(I was Mrs. Gibbs, so that's where I was most of the time.) I'm still not sure why Wilder wanted the play performed that way, but I think if the actor is truely dedicated and can see what's not there, it's easier for the audience to accept the fact that there isn't any props and can follow the story as if there were.

how school is complicated

So i just thought i would talk a little bit about how hectic school is lately. I don't know if this is true for everyone else but it does sure seem that way for me. Well my schedule is the thing that really puts me off because i have club soccer practice then club tennis practice right after. Plus fraternity meetings and involvement in student senate, plus writing for the schools news paper. I guess i am just involved in too much stuff along with actual classes. So homework just seems like its piling in already too with so much reading and papers already. I just wanted to know if anyone else had the same problem of not enough time in the day for everything.

But enough of me complaining so other than that the weather has been nice and exercising keeps me in shape even though we all eat at convo. The Browns suck once again but then again I'm a Miami Dolphins fan. But they lost there home opener to Washington in overtime which made me mad. Well that's it for me.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

tug of war

hey i dont know if U people noticed something, but I felt the guys were a lot better at the imaginery tug of war we had than the girls. but then again, when its a question of brains versus brawns we all know who wins right??


So this is an acting class and I guess I've kinda had expirence so I'm going to write about that. First off let me say that this expierence I speak of is weak and limited. I did competitive speach in highschool if anyone here is firmiliar with the world of suits begals and stress on 6:30 am on saturdays during highschool you'll be in agreement that speech and debate teams don't really teach you how to act. Sure they claim to make you not shy infront of a group but that group is a bunch of people you'll never see. I guess thats why I've felt so scared in class so far. Sure I know a few people but getting graded for something I can't completely controll plainly scares me. I guess all there is to do is play by the one true role I learned on the speech team that applies to the real world and thats the first person who notices that you're embaressed is yourself.


So for my blog i sat and watched the girls club soccer game, and since i played in highschool all four years i love to watch soccer. Well anyways it started raining and this just brought back memories from my senior year when we played a team in a down pour. the touch of the rain on your skin and you run and the way it dripped off my semi long hair it all came rushing back to me. I loved the game and the girls team won and it was good, but the expereince was so real it just came back to me. It was like i was already back in the game makeing a run up the left side of the field for the flag to make a cross towards goal.


I really enjoyed that feeling exercise size as well. When our group did the spaghetti I really could feel it warmly slipping through my fingers. It seemed so real that it actually made me really hungry....good thing I ate lunch after the exercise..but for our assignment I sat while watching the Bengals football game and just listened to the crowd, they were going nuts. And I know how senses have such a strong tie to memories and while I heard that crowd it took me back to my very first Bengals game and just brought back all those emotions and smells....


Congrats to TBone for correctly guessing Shania Twain...

Here are this week's "little" superstars. Can you tell who these four fabulous youngsters are?

5 pts. for each correct guess, 25 if you get all four at the same time.
#1 #2 #3 #4

Monday, September 10, 2007


This class is my first in any type of acting. So I have never had to really act anything out like I was actually doing a task, such as tasting our just feeling an object. In the past I have always had to show people what I was doing even if it was tasting a food or being part of the State of the Union Address. I actually like these exercises that we are doing in class. When I was tasting a lemon on Thursday, it actually felt like there was a lemon in my mouth just by concentrating on the object so much. My checks were quivering and my tongue was curling up as they do when the lemon is in my mouth. While I was feeling the molasses, I didn't quite get the same feeling possibly since I have never felt molasses before.
I was amazed at how well the touch and feeling exercise worked without actually having something to touch. When our group had to feel spaghetti I could actually feel the spaghetti and the meat sauce on it as if I had just done the same thing for real. It was warm and very messy. The noodles running through my fingers felt so real. When my group had to taste the grapes I could also taste and feel a grape bursting in my mouth as I bit into it. I could feel the texture of the skin and the cool jello-like inside. I feel like if I was starving on a desert island, this exercise might help sustain my hunger until my body just stopped working because of lack of real nutrition. Its interesting how how sense memory can allow make-believe situations like this seem so real.


One thing I have learned about this class, and acting, is that to get involved in the activities you can't just fake your way through the motions. If you actually try the exercises, there is a point. Taste helped me notice this the most. I think this is because it can be one of the most "stimulating?" for lack of a better word. Haha. During class though, I really did feel like I was eating sour patch kids and I was surprised.

i agree with dane

I'm pretty sure that Dane was in my group because we did sand and Playdough and i really couldn't feel the Playdough because it had been a really long time since i had played with any, but when we did the sand i was weirded out because i could actually feel it when i picked it up and was letting it fall into my hand. The thing that got me the most was the taste exercise and my group did sour patch kids. At one point my cheeks started to hurt like whenever you eat sweet tarts or whatever and i think my face actually started to sweat a little like when i eat sour warheads. It was really cool, but at the same time it is a difficult exercise that requires a lot of focus.
I was thinking about the sense of taste and what we went over in class. I'm a big fan of food so most of the time I don't care what it tastes like as long as it falls under the edible category. And whenever I do eat, it's amidst distractions-conversations, people-watching, TV, whatever. So it's interesting to break down the thought of taste. In class, we were to think about the texture of the food, density, tempeture, taste (bitter, sour, sweet), etc. I think I thought about those aspects-what actually makes a taste-more when they weren't there than when I actually am eating.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

to feel without seeing

Well thursdays class exercise made me realize it's really hard to feel something that isnt there. At some points during the exercise I did actually feel like I was touching sand or touching playdough but other times it was very difficult and I got frustrated. i dont know if it was easy for all of you but I had a hard time with it. Once I did actually feel it, it was cool to think that I was touching something that was physically not there. I think this class is definitely teaching me alot about making me appreciate my senses that I have.
This weekend was pretty sweet. I went to the Ashland-Grand Valley State game Saturday night. The atmosphere was great, since the stadium was pretty much packed. Me and my two roomates painted our chests with the numbers of our favorite Eagle stars. It was a great time untill a storm rolled in half way through the second qaurter. The game got cancelled almost as fast as my spirit. It was a sad day, but the afterparties were great.. Which is all that matters.


I am a diehard Cleveland Browns fan. I've been waiting for today since January. The Browns are playing the Pittsburgh Steelers and I don't think that the first game of the year can be more important. There are so many issues involving this team that makes this year so important for my Brownies to win. The game is starting in a little bit and if your bored watch the Brownies play. GO BROWNSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ramblings and Game Clue

I watched a few movies this weekend and I was suprised to notice all of the things we have worked on in class. Actors reacting to things and sounds that were obviously not there at the time of filming. The minor facial twitches and hand movements. Even using their hands when they spoke. Very interesting...

GAME CLUE.... First, so far I'm not getting much of a response in guesses, if y'all don't want to play that's okay I can quit posting pictures. I just thought it might be fun. We'll see...

This young lady is now a VERY famous country singer. Arguably one of the top 5 female vocalist in country music (personally, I think she is the #1 female country singer).

Thursday, September 6, 2007

it was fun in class to imagine feeling and touching something that really did not exist.. at home when i tried the same exercise, this time physically touching my laptop with my eyes closed, I felt as if I am "seeing" it in a different way than usual. it brought to mind that we so often take the gift of our senses for granted.. thank you for helping me realize how lucky I am to have all my senses intact..

Today at 2:00 a.m.

Today at 2:00 a.m. I was sitting in my room contemplating what to write about. All that I could think about was how much fun I've had throughout the first week of class. My mother has always told me how good I would be at acting mostly because I'm somewhat good at impressions, at least she thinks so. I've never really considered a job in acting because I never thought I would be any good at it but throughout class I've started to tone in on different aspects of how a good actor works by noticing his surroundings and listening to everything that is going on around him. I'm looking forward to class today so that I can learn more about how to become a good actor.
My day alright so if were supposed to write about anything I guess I'll write about why I like my favorite actors because this is an acting class. My two favorite actors are Jamie Kennedy and Matt Damon. I like the two for completly different reasons but I guess thats because sometimes i'm in the mood for a comedy and sometimes I'm in the mood for a drama. I just am astounded at how similar my sense of humor is with Jamie Kennedy's. If I was told to write the script that I would consider the best ever it is Malibu's Most Wanted. I wouldn't change a thing. That is the perfect role for me and he was amazing in it. I also loved the Jamie Kennedy expiriment. I would have to say Matt Damon is my favorite serious actor because he can play so many different roles. He broke in playing a misguided genious in Good Will Hunting then moved on to movies like Rounders where he played a card hustler and became a action hero in the Bourne Supremecy. He also starred in the Ocean's 11 series where he teamed up with a who's who cast of Hollywood actors I just wish they could have written Jamie Kennedy in somewhere.

tuesdays class

so im not going to lie but i really liked the mirror exercise. i've done it a few times in the past and i don't think i had enjoyed it as much as i did on tuesday. it felt really relaxing to me and i really felt myself getting into it which was a really cool feeling. i was staring straight into the eyes of my partner and i almost felt like we were one person as we shared the same movements and i think that that feeling of connection and comfort was just really soothing for me. the motions i performed did remind me of drills we would do in the pool and i really like being in the water which also calms me down. so i think the fluid movements of my body and the connection between my partner was amazing and i can't wait to do it again.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Since we are allowed to write about anything I figured I'd just write about our past class, specifically the mirror exercise....I really enjoyed doing that because as a white person I have never really been able dance the robot. Growing up in a blue collar family on a blue collar farm I was never given the guidance or counseling to perform the robot as no one had ever seen it, in it's purest form. But junior high after junior high dance and beyond I would try so hard to impress my peers with my dancing robot moves, but I was never able to complete the dance. I hate to fit the stereotype but I always got so frustrated on the dance floor but after that mirror exercise I felt like a superstar because it felt like I was doing the most amazing robot the world had ever seen. I gained a lot of experience from that exercise and it has really helped me in continuing to reach my goal of becoming the greatest robot dancer in the world. I would like to just let everyone know that if you wanna see some magic just maybe try to come to the wheel or linder's or any Ashland bar late one night and you might just see some real fireworks
a.k.a. My Robot dancing skills

Our Class

Well I guess I will write about the class too. I really like the class and think that moving a lot helps the class go faster. I think it is really hard to actually carry out the tasks that our instructor asks us to do. It is hard to not think about your actions because for me I am always wondering what people are thinking and its hard to just "listen" without actually acting out listening and trying to express to everyone what we are listening to. Its difficult to think like an actor should. I guess its something that we aren't supposed to be good at if we are just learning about it.

Game and Class

So i guess that the one picture is patrick swayze, and anyway for the assignment for class since we can write about anything I am going to write about the class itself. I really have fun in class and as we all get to know eachother i think class will be much more fun. The mirror excercise was a fun too because it was interesting to see everyone doing different things. I especially like Anthony and Bill in our class too. Carbone is the man.

Guess Who Game #2

Since we will have the entire weekend to guess, this picture won't be as easy as Tom was, in fact I think I'll make it a double... Get both right to score all of the points.
I'll let you know if your guesses are right or wrong each day.

Megan 5
everyone else 0
Good Luck

An empty house

Today it really hit me hard. I got home around 5:00 after classes, and the absolute stillness of my house just got to me. Not that today was much different than most others, except that I just dropped my son off at ONU last Saturday. But it's not like he's been around a lot anyway. Since graduation, he's been hanging out with his friends a lot and hasn't been around much anyway. I don't know... the house just seems more empty than normal I guess.
Hi all,

so since we can write about anything i have decided to write about just walking on campus and the activity that you see go on by a day to day basis. while i was going to class today which didn't start to eleven i noticed the large amount of people out of the quad talking and walking vigorously to class. Most were walking or talking to someone else next to them or yelling across the quad to say hi to one or more people. Some where on there phones and others were just taking a smoke break in between classes. It was just interesting to see so many people out and about i don't know really why it just was very interesting today. Other than that today has been pretty uneventful until the afternoon starts when my schedule gets hectic because of two club sports.

eye contact

First of all-that picture's totally Tom Hanks. Next, I think I'm getting a little more comfortable doing the exercises and stuff in class. However, when we did the mirror exercise, I was kind of getting a little uneasy because I don't like making constant eye contact with people unless I'm holding a conversation with them-it weirds me out. So I was starting to get a little uncomfortable doing this exercise, and I even knew my first partner (Dave) reasonably well. So I was thinking about that then I was running out of ideas for mirror motions, so my head was filling up with all of this stuff that wasn't even related to the point of the exercise. I think it's kind of funny because inconsequential stuff like that never bothered me whenever I did plays back in high school. I don't know-that's just what struck me about Tuesday's class.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Guess Who Game

Okay, here is how the game works, I will post a picture of a celebrity actor, actress, singer or other famous person, the first person who correctly guesses the identity of the celebrity gets 5 points. Everyone who guesses incorrectly prior to the correct guess get one point (total! you can't get multiple points for multiple wrong guesses).

I will change pictures after each class and give the correct answer if not guessed.

So for the first subject I have choosen a fairly easy one. You should all recognize him.

Fraternity House

So before i went home this weekend i spent a little time in my room in the TKE house and i left my door open and i laid in my bed to listen. The first thing i noticed was squeaking shoes and the sound of tennis balls being hit back and forth. I NEVER REALIZED the tennis courts are right outside my window and it made me realize how oblivious people are to some of the most obvious details at times. and then i noticed that i could hear the band practicing outside. then i focused on things going on inside the house and i heard Mario Kart being played and i laughed because i heard a few curse words being thrown every now and then with the occasional roulette sound when someone picks up a power up. i also think i heard my fridge but it could have been someone mowing in the distance. and then when you had the quiet moments outside i could hear people from the house next door. i assumed they were playing HALO because it sounded like gunfire and explosives with the occasional F-bombs.....again :D. I realized that my ceiling fan is really annoying and I'm kind of upset because i never realized it before and now that i know i swear i hear it and i get frustrated. My TV was on and there was a high school musical 2 video playing but i turned it off so i could focus on other stuff but i didn't really hear much more than people walking around in the hall into other rooms and people yelling down the hall to each other, plus the flushing toilet every now and then.

Monday, September 3, 2007

i went home for the weekend and i took advantage of some free time by laying out in my back yard. i started thinking about thursday's assignment and started listening to what was going on around me. normally, because i do live out in the boondocks of doylestown ohio, anyone could walk out into my backyard and not really hear anything. but once i really opened myself up to it, i heard more than a first impression would let on. at first i just heard the music i had playing, but then i noticed the noise of my dad working in the field beyond our yard (he was bailing hay and the tractor was pretty loud-told you it was a small town). then i heard someone down the street mowing their grass, and some neighborhood dog barking-probably egging my own dogs on. then i heard the sound of locusts (i think that's what they were). this was probably the loudest sound out of all of them, but the one i noticed last, and it's funny because i always hear them at night so it's almost like they never stop. i don't know if i'd even notice any of that stuff unless i really took the time to listen.


For this weeks assignment I decided to choose a situation that occurred this past friday...Some buddies and I had a fairly large camp fire in the woods behind our house and a little later we decided to head over to the graveyard and walk around for a bit (I know, that's weird). But anyways I've always kind of noticed it but this time when we were their I felt very conscious of it, the grave yard was so deathly quiet. It was even as if the noise from cars and other outside forces didn't dare penetrate the gates of the cemetery. But it really wasn't scary like you would imagine it to be, I'd say it was more soothing and peaceful then anything else. The worst part of the whole cemetery experience though was one of the guys with us was talking extremely loud. I felt embarassed and actually a little fearful because it seemed like the place echoed and amplified any verbal communication....But we made it out alive and lived to tell the story

not even a footstep heard

OK so since i listened to the Phi kappa Psi house the last time I decided to take a different approach for this weeks blog. I just decided to listen from my dorm room in Jacobs with my door open and windows open as well to see how loud my dorm can be. The truth is it isn't like a college dorm should be. Every one has their door shut and now and then you can hear one open. The only thing i heard was my fan blowing in my room and the sounds of the quad outside my window as people moved about them. there was nothing going on at all. No sounds of people running in and out of dorm rooms or playing stupid jokes on each other. Either i have the calmest dorm ever or its just my floor you be the judge because honestly i do not know at all.
I had the opportunity this morning to listen to the sounds of the river. Some of my buddies and I went fishing and one of my buddies and I took the canoe out. The fish weren't biting too much so I had plenty of time to just listen. The sound of plopping lures entering the water, trains going by every now and then, and of course, the beautiful sounds of nature and all its creatures. I do remember this one bird that had a very annoying cry. I cannot describe the sound well, but it reminded me of a very pitiful cheer. Something like that.
The river we were on was in the middle of no where basically and there were several families who lived on it. We began fishing at around 7 and there was complete silence. Once 9 o'clock or so rolled around the families woke up and polluted the silence with yelling and bickering. So then i stopped listening.


Alirght so this weekend I went home to return to my summer job for labor day weekend. I didn't really plan on doing my listening expirenment at work but as I was sitting inside with the door open I started listening to the people outside discussing their golf rounds and the caddies sitting around talking about how much money they made or how made at me they were for not getting to go out on the course and caddy. It was interesting to hear people talk about their golf game esspically when I know for a fact that most of them are lieing about the shots they claimed to have hit. I caddied for 5 years before I got promoted and I know most of the guys golf games well enough to know when someone it lieing about breaking 80 when I would bet money on him not being able to break 100. The caddies are also fun to listen to because three of them were having a conversation about me and my boss and it was kinda cool to hear what they really think of you. One called me some R rated names because I guess I'm on a power trip and forgot where I came from but, that was easily the most fun part of the expirence.

A question

I happen to have a couple of dozen pictures of movie stars when they were in school. Since I noticed I can insert a picture into my comments, would it be okay to play a "guess who this is" game? Would anyone be interested?

Listening is hard

Yep, that's right, listening is hard. The first time I tried it, I woke up an hour later with my head hanging low and slobber drooling from my mouth. I can only imagine the laughs this produced in anyone who saw me.

The second time was in my front yard, I lay on the grass and closed my eyes to listen to the crickets, frogs and other woodsy sounds. This time I was my dog licking my face that awoke me...

Seriously though, being "in tune" with my surroundings has been one of my goals for a very long time. I just had no idea how important it would be in acting. I always thought all you had to do was learn your script and move around on stage. Being a little quick witted was helpful for the times when someone forgot their lines, but basically, that what I thought. No wonder I sucked at it.

We've only had two classes so far, and I have already thrown out the old addage "You can't teach an old dog new tricks"...