Monday, September 17, 2007

Guitar Hero

Son of a witch... im so ducking pissed... at the begginning of the semester, me and my roomate had a contest on who could beat Guitar Hero 2 first. We had been neck and neck for quite some time, and i finally pulled ahead recently, beating all but one son on expert. The last song is Free Bird, and probably the hardest on the game.. So today im sitting at lunch and in strolls my roomate, with a big grin on his face... my worst fears came true when he said he had just beat the game on expert. My soul died a little when i heard this news... The worst thing is I have been playing GH2 all summer and he just started three weeks ago. But seriously, nobody can beat us. We are ridiculous. Room 312 in Kil if anyone dares to challenge us.

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