Wednesday, September 12, 2007


For this blog I just wanted to talk about the last class....I thought it was really funny and crazy watching everybody during the rope exercise. I must admit that I was wore out after me and my partner went at it we went at it like crazy stallions, not just crazy stallions, I mean REALLY crazy stallions...I put so much energy into that dang thing I think I broke a bloodvessel, just to clarify this is the rope exercise Im talking about not a sexual act..But it was pretty cool to see when a good group went how you could almost really see the rope...that something that I never really noticed but it is hard to "act" like there is something there when it really is not. So I hope by the end of this class I can not only act when there is nothing there but be able to win any invisible tug-o-war contest I am ever in...

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