Tuesday, October 23, 2007

For some reason, i just couldn't grasp the concept of taking objects out of mid air and manipulating them. Fabio said that i think very analytically, and that is true. I am good at science stuff, but in some cases when it comes to abstract thought, it's difficult for me to grasp the concept. I also thought it was interesting when he talked about how people create emotion by reacting to situations. After I thought about it, it made a lot of sense.
I really wished that the exercise we did on Thursday we actually did today....I really could use a break today because I am just not feeling very well today...But yes, Thursday was an amazing class and it really was relaxing and well needed....This weekend was actually interesting because I got to use my acting skillz at Cedar Point...My friends and I went there to volunteer and help out Friday and Saturday at the park....Both nights I had to sell lightsabers for the park while walking around with a little baggy...I had to act crazy and fun and make a total fool of myself to get people to buy but it was a lot of fun...I put on an "act" for people to get them to buy things and apparently my zaniness was up too par because of all the sellers' I sold the most so that was a pretty crazy weekend...And my friend did the same thing one night and only sold 4 lightsabers, 2 on his own. His name was Jason Metze, he wears work boots...

a few things3

I just tried to post and I got rejected and i'm not going to write what i just wrote again

i love relaxing

Thursdays class was the best class ive ever been in. it was like gym class in elementary, something that everyone liked and looked forward to. i was so relaxed i think i drifted out of consciousness because i didnt recall any of the things fabio told us to think about. Anyway, i hope we do that again, or every remaining class. im looking forward to seeing how i act differently during our excercises while trying to be as relaxed as possible.