Sunday, September 23, 2007

Well I sure am super stoked Megan!!! But I myself am reaffiliated again too guys which is nice because I can start to wear the other half of my wardrobe...Its been really nice out, I like the weather...the Bengals lost again so that sucks, Reds have not given us any hope all year. I have to say that I have really been on this last of the Mohicans kick, I love that movie....It really makes me want to live in the wilderness for a year or so....but we will see....that is all for now, everyone have a good night

attention Acting for Non Majors section B:

A) I am reaffiliated with my awesome chapter, which is Alpha Delta Pi now that recruitment is over. B) I'm not the only Greek woman in the class anymore! Kelsy pledged ADPI AND I'm her big diamond! I'm major stoked, and I hope you all are, too.