Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Well hello... It is Halloween, the day of the dead... This day is represented by the most terrifying creatures ever to enter our minds and threatened our lives... Each year, the spirits of the dead walk upon us in our ignorance and feast on our souls... The only thing that can stop them now is the crow... the symbol of death... the creator of fear... feasting..
This new project that we are doing with our partners is pretty cool. I like being able to design our own scenes and use props and stuff. I feel like the class is really going to pick up from this point on. This partner project is going to allow us to use all of the stuff that we have learned in the same scene. After watching a few people do their scenes, i feel like its going to be harder to combine all the skills than i originally thought.

mapping it all out

so yeah i enjoyed mapping out the scenes that we are going to be working on. It was alot of fun so far and i think the people that went already did a great job! Mike and I are not until number 7 so we have some time yet, but that means we have to compete with all the others! Well good luck guys at the scenes tomorrow! We'll do doing ours also! :)