Sunday, September 9, 2007

to feel without seeing

Well thursdays class exercise made me realize it's really hard to feel something that isnt there. At some points during the exercise I did actually feel like I was touching sand or touching playdough but other times it was very difficult and I got frustrated. i dont know if it was easy for all of you but I had a hard time with it. Once I did actually feel it, it was cool to think that I was touching something that was physically not there. I think this class is definitely teaching me alot about making me appreciate my senses that I have.
This weekend was pretty sweet. I went to the Ashland-Grand Valley State game Saturday night. The atmosphere was great, since the stadium was pretty much packed. Me and my two roomates painted our chests with the numbers of our favorite Eagle stars. It was a great time untill a storm rolled in half way through the second qaurter. The game got cancelled almost as fast as my spirit. It was a sad day, but the afterparties were great.. Which is all that matters.


I am a diehard Cleveland Browns fan. I've been waiting for today since January. The Browns are playing the Pittsburgh Steelers and I don't think that the first game of the year can be more important. There are so many issues involving this team that makes this year so important for my Brownies to win. The game is starting in a little bit and if your bored watch the Brownies play. GO BROWNSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ramblings and Game Clue

I watched a few movies this weekend and I was suprised to notice all of the things we have worked on in class. Actors reacting to things and sounds that were obviously not there at the time of filming. The minor facial twitches and hand movements. Even using their hands when they spoke. Very interesting...

GAME CLUE.... First, so far I'm not getting much of a response in guesses, if y'all don't want to play that's okay I can quit posting pictures. I just thought it might be fun. We'll see...

This young lady is now a VERY famous country singer. Arguably one of the top 5 female vocalist in country music (personally, I think she is the #1 female country singer).