Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fall is the best season EVER

Fall is amazing. Its the best feeling to wake up and throw on some pants and a T-shirt and maybe a thin jacket. The leaves on all the trees look so pretty : ) You can go in corn mazes, carve pumpkins, drink apple cider, just sit by a fire with some jeans and a hoody on. Its so great. Its my favorite season every and I look forward to it every year. The best football weather too. Chilly but not too cold. I hope I've convinced you that Fall does not suck.

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kelsy said...

I think it is wonderful how you can find something amazing about all four of the seasons. Summer you have break and sun and swimming and vacations, fall you have the beautiful scenery and that cozy atmosphere, winter is a white wonderland, where families get together, and spring is when the animals are back to life and the earth wakes up from it's long winter nap. But yes I would have to agree with you, fall is one of the best seasons ever!