Thursday, October 18, 2007

Meditation is a pretty powerful tool. In high school we used to use meditation in wrestling. I remember we would do something really similiar to what we did today, and we'd imagine wrestling our opponent. At the end of the meditation my forearms, were cramping, i was sweating up a storm, and my heart was beating faster than it ever has before. I guess it's because our brain doesn't distinguish something we really imagine mentally and something we do physically. Basically, i love doing that meditation stuff, and class was pretty kick ass today.

today's class

Today's class was awesome. The relaxation exercise we did, was a great destressor. Twas something that most of us need once in a while, but in today's fast-paced world we hardly get time to ourselves. So I am glad for the time we spent in class today.
Imagining the place I feel most safe, really made me feel happy. However, the beach part of it caused me some stress though, coz of my own personal thoughts which I could not help dwell on. But I am glad they surfaced, and have now passed on, hopefully to never come back again.


that meditation today was relaxing. jason even fell asleep and i think others did also. it was hard not to fall asleep! it was nice to actually lay down and not think of anything but yourself for 30minutes. it was great because it was a really stressful week so far. i'm so glad the weeks almost over and it will be friday soon! even though i really dont get a break friday, saturday is looking good!

Todays class = D

So yea I'm a couple hours late on my blog for today but I am happy I waited because now I can talk about how amazing today's class was. It was something I'm sure a lot of us needed. A period of relaxation and meditation. That was honestly the best thing that has happened to me this week. Going into that class and just imagining being somewhere with no worries or stress and picturing a place with someone you love, nothing could get better than that and I needed that time to just let my body go and not worry at all. I hope we have more classes like that, it was very helpful for me, and something I enjoyed a lot!!!

Okay Go Eagles... Kick Ferris State's butt


Yes, our class on tuesday was a well needed change of pace I thought too. It was interesting to hear others opinion on parts of the play and roles portrayed by the actors, especially the lead male role. It seemed that for the most part people agreed with the fact that he was not the best man for the job....but it was interesting to hear that some didn't feel the same and thought he wasn't that bad....But yea, it was definitely a welcomed change of pace and I enjoyed being able to analyze the play using my newly acquired phenomanal cosmic powers of play analyzation. Pe@ce out...

Tuesdays class

I liked our class on tuesday because it was good to hear what everyone else thought about the play. It was kind of shoking when everyone agreed that the lead actor wasnt all that great, because i just thought it woul be me but it wasnt apparently. It was a good class but im looking forward to thursday's class because we get to act again. Go tribe
I enjoyed our talk about the play on Tuesday. I thought it was a nice change of pace from our regular things. It also gave us an opportunity to apply our knowledge of what WE have learned to what actual people do when the act.
One day in class, i think it would be neat to learn about all the lighting, curtains, sets, costumes, and all the things that make up a show. I've been behind the scenes of a play, and there is so much that goes on with sound, music, lights and everything. I think it would be cool to learn how they are doing the set for secret garden and stuff. Thats all for me...
i don;t know how i felt about the male lead. I agree that the relationship between to the main leads was very awkward. it reminded me of those people who are in a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship and one person is stringing the other along. I hated not doing exercises in class on tuesday. i understand the importance of talking about the show but i don't think we really needed to use the entire hour and 15 minutes i mean we just wrote a paper about it. things are looking up a little bit for me i got a great grade on my history midterm and that really made my week, but i think that is it for me tonight. see ya'll in class!