Tuesday, September 11, 2007

tug of war

hey i dont know if U people noticed something, but I felt the guys were a lot better at the imaginery tug of war we had than the girls. but then again, when its a question of brains versus brawns we all know who wins right??


cbone74 said...

Wow i must say you couldn't be more sexist. But at the same time i must agree men are bigger and stronger, in the words of ron burgendy "it's science".

But all joking aside that was a pretty sweet activity. I liked that a lot more mainly because when i did the mirror drill i just couldnt take it seriously anymore.

Also i would like to say that the class needs liess mirror more whizz bang!!!

Fo' sho

Anthony Carbone

cbone74 said...

oh yeh men are smarter too. Our brains are bigger.

Bray said...

carbone, everything of yours is bigger, except what counts. HAHA