Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I suck at blogging and it is why i have a low A. I'm pretty upset about this, but it is my own fault for not being responsible enough to consistently blog about nothing. Don't get me wrong, I love this class, but I do not like how blogging has affected my grade so much.

This class is getting great because we are starting to improv a lot. Josh, Anthony, and Dane were hysterical today, as well as Brey and Max. Max is a hell of an impover. I have seen almost every episode of Whose Line is it Anyway so hopefully my improve skillz are up to par with Max and Brey.

Double wizzbang

Wizzbang is nothing but a gateway drug. After awhile wizzbang doesnt do it for you anymore, next thing you know you're into ker-plupes, curveballs , and booms!. Then once those don't do it for you anymore you get into double wizzbang and soon enough you're playing lyin on a street corner asking for change just to play more wizz bang. I don't know if that made sense to anyone else but i feel closely to that. By the way i ruled at double wizzbang today...no big deal
peace, love, and boom max

Anthony Carbone

Thetar 214 rocks !!

The Acting for non-majors class is really cool, because it is interactive and informative. The other classes seem so dull and boring in comparison to this one. I mean all we do is sit and listen to the Prof going on and on about something or the other, and we do not even know at times the name of the people around us. On the other hand, in this class, we perform together and do crazdiculous things like whiz-bang, pulling out imaginery stuff from things that do not exisit. Its awesome to be able to be creative rather than just analytical.


Halloween is a lot of fun because you get to dress up and act crazy and with a uniform on no one will know who you are...It seems like it is a lot easier to make a fool of yourself when you know that you have some sort of barrier that protects you from the judgement of others...But with the comfort level that a mask or costume brings it enables you to act a little stranger or weirder than a person is more accustomed too...
halloween is probably the best holiday of the year. There were so many cool and creative costumes this year, for example, i saw someone who was a breathalizer, the 300 spartans, edward scissor hands, among others. We need to play more double whizbang because its the coolest thing in the world.
First of all, I am peeeed off that I didn't get to experience double whiz bang on Thursday. It sounds very intriguing. And on another acting related note, I just watched the movie Transformers and I am pretty sure that they would fail Acting for Non-Majors. They seriously didn't do anything at all that we talk about in this class, that and the fact that I still picture Shia or whatever his name is as the eccentric young fellow that we all know and love from Even Stevens. But one thing that I did give them credit for is that they had to react to the transformers and pretend that they were there, unless those actually weren't computer animated and they flew them in from central casting at Planet Wehavecrazymutatingcyborgcreatures...