Monday, September 3, 2007

I had the opportunity this morning to listen to the sounds of the river. Some of my buddies and I went fishing and one of my buddies and I took the canoe out. The fish weren't biting too much so I had plenty of time to just listen. The sound of plopping lures entering the water, trains going by every now and then, and of course, the beautiful sounds of nature and all its creatures. I do remember this one bird that had a very annoying cry. I cannot describe the sound well, but it reminded me of a very pitiful cheer. Something like that.
The river we were on was in the middle of no where basically and there were several families who lived on it. We began fishing at around 7 and there was complete silence. Once 9 o'clock or so rolled around the families woke up and polluted the silence with yelling and bickering. So then i stopped listening.

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