Wednesday, September 12, 2007


So you may laugh, but i have a dog back home. She is a chihuahua and i love her more than anything. I also have another dog, half lab, half poodle. This dog is about three times larger than my chihuahua. About a month ago, we noticed that my dog was getting big around her tummy. This was not good, because if she was pregnant, there was a good chance that there would be complications in the birth. Sure enough, she was pregnant, and due in about three weeks. Dogs pregnancy is much shorter than humans, only lasting about 55-60 days. She began to grow larger and larger to a point where i was scared for her health. About two weeks ago, she gave birth, and was in labor nearly 12 hours and had to be taken to the vet. He gave her a shot that induced contractions, and she gave birth to three out of four healthy puppies; one white, one brown, one black. One puppy was lost. She was fine afterwards but i still haven't seen the newborns. The lesson of this story is to get your pets fixed, or at least have dogs that are the same size.

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