Wednesday, October 17, 2007

what is goin on??

so i was really schocked that we didnt do any exercises on tuesday but talking about the play was good. it was a good change from what we usually do. it was interesting to hear everybodys reaction to the play. i really liked the play and thought it was good. and apparently no one really likes the male lead lol

Things are looking up

well class was really fun even though we didn't do any exercises. I really enjoyed talking about the play. Well in my life anyways life is getting better not as much work this week so I'm happy. The Indians are one game away from the world series and that is just fantastic. My event at the Phi Kappa Psi house is tomorrow and I'm really nervous and excited to be running the event. Right now I'm watching Wall Street and forgot how good a movie is really is. Well i hope class is fun tomorrow and its going to be Thursday one day closer to Friday.

for tuesday

So I was a bit bummed when we didn't do any exercises during class on Tuesday, but having a discussion about the play wasn't bad. I felt terrible for the lead male because apparantly half the class wants his head on a platter. I didn't think he was that bad-he showed some difficulty expressing emotion but he got the lead for a reason. Maybe I'm sticking up for him a bit because throughout high school I've seen some bad acting. BAD. But it's whatever. See you all tomorrow!