Monday, September 3, 2007

Listening is hard

Yep, that's right, listening is hard. The first time I tried it, I woke up an hour later with my head hanging low and slobber drooling from my mouth. I can only imagine the laughs this produced in anyone who saw me.

The second time was in my front yard, I lay on the grass and closed my eyes to listen to the crickets, frogs and other woodsy sounds. This time I was my dog licking my face that awoke me...

Seriously though, being "in tune" with my surroundings has been one of my goals for a very long time. I just had no idea how important it would be in acting. I always thought all you had to do was learn your script and move around on stage. Being a little quick witted was helpful for the times when someone forgot their lines, but basically, that what I thought. No wonder I sucked at it.

We've only had two classes so far, and I have already thrown out the old addage "You can't teach an old dog new tricks"...

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