Tuesday, November 6, 2007

my entrance and exit

I know i haven't gone yet but i'm pretty positive that ya'll will be impressed. I called into max's radio show i was listenin to it in my car on my way to wal mart, and i gotta say i'm very impressed so props julian.
Stay out the paint

Some things

Our exercises are going in a great direction. Adding in improv take everything to a whole new level because we now have to be able to feed off of what the other person says are does, despite how ridiculous it may be. I believe the key to be able to be good at this is too completely block out the audience. You have to acknowledge them because when they laugh you have to be able to stop and then pick up right where you left off. But to be able to become the character and embrace your surroundings, you have to block out the audience. If you are always waiting for the audience’s reaction then you are not focused on the scene itself.
Well, today's class was crazdiculous, esp the part where Bill entered as a small crazy kid... n then Max the FBI agent...
I had a great laugh then, and just cldnt stop... thinking of it, makes me want to laugh more and more.. wish we'd hv a video clip of this one :))
good job guys...


todays class was fun, i liked how the scene could just change instantly as soon as another person came up and said something differently. but on the other hand, it made things more complicated. speaking of complicated, the entrance and exit this was hard. very hard. but we'll get through it. oh and this snow is rediculous... i cant wait until summer when it is going to be warm again! i hate this cold weather!

short today

It's interesting to watch everyone's compfort level go up and up. Double whiz bang is very confusing, I was amazed that I lasted until the end. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the skits today.
I really think class is going great just like everyone else has said...It's fun, entertaining, and nice because it helps me wake up in the morning...It is somewhat annoying though when people purposely try to be funny just to be funny when they are up doing skits, because I think it is true that pure humor comes out when the audience thinks that the actor is truly portraying him/herself seriously that way and it's all the more funnier in that sense because you realize they are not playing to the audience but playing themselves....anyways that's all I got, secret garden was good but that kid actor couldn't find a note if it jumped up and bit him in the butt...