Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I am currently watching the indians game and I am doing this during a commercial. I am going out on a limb for this, so I am going to make this short. Class was great today, I shuold have said more, but everything I thought about the main guy actor was said, and that is that I did not like his performance at all. I felt his transformation to emotions were awful and not nearly as good as the other actors. Ok the game is back on so I gotta go.
It was wonderful to know what other students thought about the play.
I agree that Nick's acting wasnt up to the mark, but then it wasnt a professional play and we are no one to criticize, I feel, coz we ourselves are just beginners. But then again, we can learn frm others mistakes.

My hellish week

I really want to talk about what an aweful week this week will be for me. Normally in football games i'm really good at getting the opponent angry and to do something stupid. This week my acting just wasnt up to par. Everytime i did something cheap and my opponent reacted negatively i would act like it hurt and was really bad but i didnt get a personal foul call. Later in the game i got kicked out for trash talking. Apparently our coaches dont like it when we get kicked out for trash talking because now i'll probably have to do 1000 eagle reminders(eagle reminders suck). So basically this relates back to acting by me getting my ass kicked in practice.
Hey I finally got my blogger account fixed so I'm in WRDL doing the Julian show with Max Julian and figured Id say whats cracken?! I think this class has gotten so much more fun lately because were allowed to be creative and interact with each other. Well I guess I'll see you all on thursday. Carbone I just wanted to invite you to join my new gang. The 23rd blood gang of the 44805

the play

when i went to see the play i thought it was good. i really enjoyed the play overall. the discussion today in class though was interesting just because i got to find out others opinions on the play. when i saw the play, which was the dress rehearsal day, i didnt even notice anything wrong with the guy main character, because i just thought he was normal and playing his part. he did seem young though, and maybe thats why the people in my class decided they didnt like him much.


I believe last class on Thursday was the most fun class I have had here at Ashland. Everyone was hilarious and the activities were so much fun to act out. When we had to be trapped in some object, I enjoyed this greatly. I was laughing so hard that I was almost crying. Just saying, I believe Thursdays class was the reason Cleveland teams did so amazing this weekend, especially the Indians. OHHH I know that one went straight to the heart of Mr. Fabio. Well I am looking forward to todays class.


Thought about that for a liscense plate. Anyway, I had an opertunity this weekend to actually apply class lessons in real life. I was on a photo shoot and I wanted my model to pose a certain way and she just wasn't getting it. She was supposed to be holding something (which I didn't have and would add in later) and admiring it. Because of class and our work without objects I was able to get her to understand what I wanted and the shots came out great!

= D

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I sure did. I went and saw the play Sunday afternoon. It was pretty good. Made me laugh a few times! I didn't understand the one part where Isabel came out but thats allright I guess. I didnt think that really fit in there. I think the play did a good job of expressing emotions and personality without props. And because that is what we do in class most of the time, I appreciated the play in that sense. It is really hard to do that sometimes, but it can be done and it is effective when its done well.
so i got to act again tonight. so my friends melanie and donnie have fun taking the sugar packets in convo and putting them in stacey's purse. so one night at dinner we decide that were are going to take as many sugar packets as we can and sugar stacey's room. so she calls me tonight and she says well im gonna go downstairs and get my pizza and then do a round if you want to come over and i said i would think about it. so of course i sprint to the 3rd floor of amstutz and unleash the sugar packet fury on her room and run back downstairs and outside and wait for her to call me. so she calls me and i say hey give me a call when your back in your room and she says like you haven't been here already and i was like no im just leaving the TKE house. shes like you're such a liar and i was like what's going on and she says you sugar packeted my room and i was like someone sugared your room oh my gosh ill be right there. so i run back inside and up the stairs and as soon as i see here room i fall to the ground laughing hysterically and panting and i convinced her it wasn't me. so i had her going and she really believed that it was mel and donnie but i ended up telling her at the end before i left. I HAD TO GET SOME PIZZA!

A few things2

the play was hilarious, but i just wrote a paper about it so I'm not going to say anything else on here. Homecoming weekend was a blast. Our fraternity alumni came back and we were at the bars from 8-2am and I didn't have to pay for a single beer. It was a lot of fun listening to all their stories from 10 to 30 years ago about the fraternity.
Saturday we went to Findly to drop of money we raised for this girl what has an incurable genetic disease. We got to meet her and everything. It was very....special?