Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Door excercise

I really liked the door excercise we did on tuesday. It was probably the hardest excercise I've taken part of so far. It was difficult to show everybody else wat we were doing and where we were coming from without the use of any props. I mean I started off not doing well and not being able to show what I wanted everyone to see but I think I eventually got better; at least I hope I did.

Ohh Yea

Well I have no reason for being happy, I just am. I have a feeling that class on Tuesday has a bit to do with it. I was laughing so hard just because class was so fun and entertaining. Thursdays class I hope will bring me the same anount of fun.


I don't really know what to write about for Tuesday. I didn't get a chance to do the last exercise yet, but I'm on to a good idea if we do it again tomorrow. I like the add-in exercises, though. I find myself jumping in more often and more willingly than I was at the beginning of the semester. I'd really like to be in an AU production before I graduate, but timing right now's an issue. But I'd be so pumped if someone from the class got in. Good luck, guys!

class tuesday

if i could think of one line that would sum up my entire semester in this acting class it would have to be "FBI! POP,POP,POP!" i almost pissed myself. i have to say that this is and probably will be one of my most favorite classes i will ever take. I am looking forward to my entrance and exit exercise tomorrow. I also can't believe i got eliminated from double whiz bang yesterday. I have never been eliminated before so props to whoever got me.

enterence and exit acivities

I likes the entrance and exit activities. I think it is weird doing nothing in the middle "neutral" area. It hard to show where you are leaving from and where you are going without something in the middle to display whats going on. But, I think it is a useful activity because in a real scene, everybody has to enter somehow and exit somehow and try to make it as realistic as possible.