Tuesday, September 18, 2007

this week is going to be busy

This week is going to be crazy well for me any way i have a paper due tuesday, and a bunch of reading due all week for classes and a upcoming test. Plus its recruitment week which means alot of time for Phi Kappa Psi. But its all good i love that place so much and i can't wait to much more work in it than i have done in the past. This year is going to be good i can feel it or at least i think its going to be. I really enjoy the excersies in class where one starts doing an activity and others then join in its alot of fun. To see what the other person is going to do. And its fun to join in and add a littlbe bit of your own creativity to the project.

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kelsy said...

This week is going to be extremely busy. I am involved in the Ashland County Fair and I had to miss classes on Monday and then Tuesday morning I wake up and I can't breathe and my throat hurts and burns really bad. Not only will I be missing classes this week but I have a paper due on Wednesday (luckily it is fairly short.) I'm sorry I will be missing class today, but I can't wait to be there on Thursday.