Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Crazy+Ridiculous =====

Tuesday was fun, when we were first asked to pull out things from the substance, and later to play with the imaginery goo, I do not know why, but I was constantly reminded of Robin Williams in Blubber.
Hope to continue with such CRAZDICULOUS stuff in class.

A few Things4

The thing we do in this class get stranger and stranger as we go along. Pulling things out of a substance that doesn't exist except for in our own minds is pretty crazy. My substance is like cotton balls, clouds, and....well, its like the clouds in Aladdin, when they are on the magic carpet ride and they make the cloud into a swirl. That’s what my substance is like. Its not messy or sticky, but it has volume to it. So, you can't just run through it because it doesn't just blow by, you have to push your way through it. Anyway, I could have used a relaxing period last class. I had a pretty late night previously.


I wish we were doing more improv skits. I really like those skits. There alot more fun when you have to think abou stuff off of the top of your head and it really felt like we were doing something. The excercise we were doing on Tuesday wasnt very fun. I kinda felt like we took a step backwards.


tuesday in class was interesting to say the least. i never saw anybody doing that weird stuff like pulling things out of the goo. it was interesting to see how different people had different reactions to the goo and what they were pulling out. but i especially liked walking through the goo the other day that was pretty sweet.


In class tuesday was interesting to see everyone react different to their substance, everyones substance was different and that was nice too see. it was interesting to see how everyone used their substance also, how they played with it, like putting it on as a coat. the first excercise was harder because you actually had to see the object.

not titled

So I'm having a decent week i guess, and i really enjoyed the exercise where we took a random object out of the gel or whatever you thought it was in your own mind. It was different to try to imagine what it would be like to pull it out by simulating what it would be like in your hands. Even though the object wasn't there. So i hope to do it again and Mable elaborate on it. Plus this weekend is semi formal and I'm really excited about it. I can't wait to put on a suit and tie and just have fun. Then our last regular soccer game is on Sunday and i hope to go out with a bang and win. So I'm just looking for a good Thursday i guess. So come out and support chapter presents and club sports.


So non-Greek classmates: tomorrow night is Chapter Presents (Upper Convo, 9:30) and a good opportunity to see us Greeks make fools of ourselves (I can personally attest to that because I seem to be the designated lame-costume-girl in ADPi). And mabes we'll be applying some stuff learned in class, but I think Fabio would be embarrassed of us if we gave him any props for what will go down tomorrow. But that's just on my behalf. I also like how I use the blog as a plug, but I couldn't think of anything else to write.