Thursday, September 6, 2007

My day alright so if were supposed to write about anything I guess I'll write about why I like my favorite actors because this is an acting class. My two favorite actors are Jamie Kennedy and Matt Damon. I like the two for completly different reasons but I guess thats because sometimes i'm in the mood for a comedy and sometimes I'm in the mood for a drama. I just am astounded at how similar my sense of humor is with Jamie Kennedy's. If I was told to write the script that I would consider the best ever it is Malibu's Most Wanted. I wouldn't change a thing. That is the perfect role for me and he was amazing in it. I also loved the Jamie Kennedy expiriment. I would have to say Matt Damon is my favorite serious actor because he can play so many different roles. He broke in playing a misguided genious in Good Will Hunting then moved on to movies like Rounders where he played a card hustler and became a action hero in the Bourne Supremecy. He also starred in the Ocean's 11 series where he teamed up with a who's who cast of Hollywood actors I just wish they could have written Jamie Kennedy in somewhere.

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