Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's The Final Countdown!

Fabio, I think it's great that you are giving us this much help for the final, and with such an opinion I am dissatisfied with my own preparation--but no worries! Joshua and I shall rise and prevail. Honestly though, you could see so much improvement within the groups that went today pre-Fabio help and post-Fabio help. I think the idea that there is a verb behind each line is a great concept. Also--doing the guessing game was a fun activity as well. Crazy that next week is our last, huh? Kinda sad, kinda spooky, kind of...kinky? You decide.


so the final. i think its good working on it today in class because it shows us what we are doing wrong/right it is also constructive critizism. well i've got a ton of work to do. anyone understand hamlet? well i gotta write that paper! :)
good luck on finals!

Stuff on the Final

I thought in class today it was nice to watch the groups that went do thier skits because it helped me get ideas for our skit. What to do, how to deliver the aciton on each line. Also i thought dane and kelsy did a great job today in class. What a skit lol
I also missed writing for the last class. Tuesday i impressed myself with my improving skills double whiz-bang. When the double game started, i was really apprehensive and overwhelmed by the intensity of the game. The more we play the better i get at it. The last two classes i was in the final 5-6 people, and a few times i was one of the very last people playing. It is awesome
Today was really informative. Once i performed my scene and got a lot of feedback, i feel very confident. I do feel as if i am taking too much control over the scene and i need to talk more with megan to get her views on the project. For those of you who have not done you scene yet, do a little bit of practicing to make sure that everybody is on the same page with the story line. I am really looking forward to the final performance.


I forgot to post for todays class so this post will cover for both, too bad I won't get credit for the one I missed though. When we first got our scenes I thought to myself, how are we going to be able to make a scene out of seeven lines. But, after listening to Fabio talk about the groups that had to present, I relalized that we can make every line mean so much, even to the point where we are presenting a small play almost. This is because we have a story and a reason behind each line that we say. It was interesting to watch the girls today and how their scene kept on developing because Fabio was able to keeping adding to the lines. Not to the story, but to the meaning of each line, like how and why she is saying it.
Class on Tuesday I thought was very hard because so many of the ways we act can be so much like different times of the day unless its really extreme, like 3 am or 6 am or whatever the case may be. Right now though I'm lookin forward to the final and to todays class, peace out suckas!

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.

I definitely agree that this time exercise was a lot more difficult then I thought at first. I guess it is a testament to how different human beings are as creatures that made it so hard to act out something that is a universal behavior at a given time period. I did think it was interesting though that the easiest ones seemed to be around the time people normally eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But yea, it was a fun little exercise and definitely expanded my little brain into a realm which it hasn't delved into in a long time....a long time.

Time of Day

I learned something new from Tuesday class that I think helped me understand acting a little better. When I was doing the "time of day" exercise and I reacted to the situation as the way I would instead of how others would in order to get across the time of day it made me realize that i need to look at things in many different perspectives before actually deciding what to do when I am acting. It makes sense to do things from my own perspective because thats all I know but when I did that it made it difficult for the anyone to know what I time it was. That class taught me to put myself in the average persons shoes and react to situations from that.
Well I just got done watching one of the greatest movies ever made... The Marine starring John Cena. I think it would be really cool if we learned how to do stunts in class. Maybe I'll do some in my final.
I enjoyed Tuesday's class because I never realized how difficult it would be to show what time of day it was. I didn't really know what to do so I was just trying to be as real as possible, Grand Canyon and all. But really I'm also looking forward to practicing my skit. I'm trying to memorize lines and trying to be as real as possible and it's going alright.