Monday, September 17, 2007

Last Class

Thursday's activities were pretty fun. I really like how we didn't know what we were going to do. Some of the things were sort of lame but oh well. When we had to cut the tree down it was hard because sometimes I had and idea in my head but couldn't tell my partner without looking obvious, so I ended up breaking the silence. I'm really looking forward to next class. Now i'm going say some more things and suck up a little more... i'm kidding, but I really do look forward to this class.

fun filled weekend

So this weekend was amazing... started off I had NOTHING to do on Friday and then my best friend calls me and says she has an extra ticket to the Brad Paisley concert, its 6:30 pm and the concert starts at 7:30. I get ready and I'm on the road by 7:10pm I wanna say. I get to Blossom at 9:00. Just in time to see Brad Paisley : ) Amazing and I got to see my best friend too. Then Saturday I have my first away football game... fun times! even though we did lose I still had a great time ( sorry guys). Then Sunday, pretty eventful day. I work for Ashland University catering and they had a "special event". It ended up being a V.I.P. invitation party for the MTV show my super sweet sixteen ( yea I might be on TV). So that was fun, crazy and it kidna make me sick what useless things people do with their money but whatever. Then after that I went to cheer practice 5 - 7 and then hurried over to the Ashland County Fair for the tractor pull... killer time there too. Yea I definitely needed a weekend like this because I have been stressed.

Guitar Hero

Son of a witch... im so ducking pissed... at the begginning of the semester, me and my roomate had a contest on who could beat Guitar Hero 2 first. We had been neck and neck for quite some time, and i finally pulled ahead recently, beating all but one son on expert. The last song is Free Bird, and probably the hardest on the game.. So today im sitting at lunch and in strolls my roomate, with a big grin on his face... my worst fears came true when he said he had just beat the game on expert. My soul died a little when i heard this news... The worst thing is I have been playing GH2 all summer and he just started three weeks ago. But seriously, nobody can beat us. We are ridiculous. Room 312 in Kil if anyone dares to challenge us.

Game Clue

That's okay Megan, you still get one point!

The fellow on the left once played a Lip Syncing Transvestite in the 1993 movie "The Harvest".
The Lady on the right was born 1962 in Roswell, New Mexico, which explains a lot! She also was the voice of Dallas Grimes in the 1996 release of Beavis & Butt-Head Do America.

Good luck! Take a wild guess, you never know, you just might be right!

class on thursday

so i have to say that manipulating objects is a lot harder when you have other things besides a rope and you are playing tug of war. The thing that was hard was knowing what you partner was doing with the object when you didn't have it. When mitch and i were playing soccer i thought he had kicked the ball to me and he really hadn't so i was head bunting nothing. i am also excited for class tomorrow because i can't really imagine how we can take these mirror exercises any further.
i'm really anticipating class tomorrow. each day's activity is a build off the previous class, and as we progress it gets more and more challenging. what i think is kind of interesting is that we're starting from nothing (no props, voice...) so that we can eventually build up to an actual scene. at least that's my understanding-i could be totally wrong. but it's almost like we have to earn the right to use a real rope, or use a real dialogue. almost like we can understand it and really appreciate it more when we actually get to use it. does that even make sense? and ps: i have no idea who are in the pics this week :(

Weather and Browns

I dont understand this weather. The other day I was out and about wearing hoodies and pants and then today I'm sweating wearing shorts and T-shirts. This weather only happens in Ohio. Speaking of Ohio, who watched the browns Cinci game this weekend? Whoever posted last week and said the Browns suck you were obviously incorrect. Even though they played a terrible defense I didn't see Baltimore do that last week. Thank you very much