Monday, October 29, 2007

Class rules

first i'd like to point out how many people didnt show up the day after fabio gave us a freebe i thought that was funny. But beyond that i was having the time of my life with was amazing. I dont remember what it was called when u kicked the ball but watching max going goal was soo worth it. And Bill's double block was pretty damn clutch. So basically it was all crazdiculous

wizz bang

so yeah i dont remember if i blogged or not.. so here it goes once again if i already did..
wizz bang was sweeet especially the elimination round even tho i got out! haha.. well hopefully tommorow willl be interesting!

Did it work?

I had a wickedly busy weekend - three photoshoots in two days! Saturday was a 10 hour marathon while Sunday I had two 6-hour shoots. Now I have only about 500 photos to sift through (after throwing out the garbage!)

But I was thinking about how simmilar acting and modeling really are and how the techniques we've learned in class have translated into my being better able to communicate exactly what I want from the models. I guess the biggest difference is that in modeling you play to the camera and in acting you ignore it.

Anyway, when you are on a shoot you need to create an illusion, not too dissimilar to acting.

Well here it goes, I am pressing the publish button.... hope it works this time....this is getting frustrating.

Whiz Bang

I completely agree with Jason. I am amazing at Double whiz bang. No but seriously that is completely ridiculous. The best part was definately when we got Fabio out. He was definately stunned to say the least. Lookin forward to another awesome game of it.

whiz bang

i love whiz bang, especially double whiz bang, it is my favorite game ever to play, and bill is amazing at it, cant wait to play it again

i'm waiting for Life of Ryan to start!

First off: I had an awesome weekend starting with Chapter Presents on Thursday, Date Party on Friday and Phi Psi semi on Saturday. Basically, I saw half the class 3 days straight. Thursday...all I have to say about class is that I suck at double-whiz bang. Awesome at the regular version, but whatev. BUT Bill and I totally rocked it at partner work. Hedge clippers? I mean, c'mon. I finally had a crazy idea that worked out. Looking forward to tomorrow! P to the S: my besties wanted me to write that we now have new nicknames courtesy Casper the Friendly Ghost: Stinky, Stretch and Fatso. I know it's totally not relevant but they were mad I didn't write it the first time.
Last week from Thursday till Saturday i was at a conference for my major in Columbus. Included in this conference was a lot of presentations of new research. People would go up in front of everybody, wearing their nice cut straight suits and lecture about their new research. It was interesting to me how boring some of these people were. Many of them talked in very mono-tone voices, very limited hand motions and movement, lack of emotion. I think that if they did add some emotion and some action into their presentations, it would make it a lot more interesting. It was then and there that i decided that if i were to ever present research, i would do it and have some fun with it. I would use a lot of the things that i have learned in this class too. Learn to think on my feet and play off of the audience's reactions. For these reasons, this class is important to me.
This weekend was amazing. We had our semi-formal for our fraternity and I had a blast. Everyone looked as if they had a great time. That is all you can ask for with an event like this. Another reason it was great is that the Browns won their game on Sunday afternoon. There is very few things that get me more excited then when the Browns win, well that might be a lie. I am also looking forward to class on Tuesday because we are getting our grades and I am really happy about that.
I just wanted to post about how good of acting I thought everyone who went to see AU chapter presents saw if you went. There were some crazy dance moves, scantily clad men and some live music. It was real cool. I also just thought Id let everyone know I went out and bought some playdough and if you want to you can come over to my room and practice pulling stuff out of it.

class and the weekend

So whizbang has taken a new level of skill to play with the introduction of two things at one time. Its really crazy and i was one of the first ones out because i just didn't know where the two things were at the same time. It was hilarious to see people play it though, the faces they make and gestures. The weekend was a great time our fraternity had a semi formal which was a blast. I danced my butt off which i haven't done in a long time. I really enjoyed it, it was one of the best times i have had in a while. I hope my date had fun she said she did, and i don't think i was boring lol. The next day we had club soccer game which was our last one, and despite how tired we all were because have the team are brothers of Phi Kappa Psi. So we were all out real late we won the game with a final score of 3-2. So that made my weekend a great dance and a win to end the season on a good note. Now i have to concentrate on Club tennis we just had a match vs. The Ohio State and I didn't do good personally. It was also the same day as semi formal so my date and I had to rush back from Columbus to attend the dance, because she also plays club tennis.


Well this weekend was fun. I went to the haunted reformatory in Mansfield on Thursday night. Not so much scary but fun. Then Saturday after beating Findlay I went to a halloween party. it was a good time.

Well I hope class is fun tomorrow. I never don't have fun when I go so I guess I expect it to be. See ya there