Thursday, November 1, 2007

Acting for Non-Majors on Facebook !!

Hey folks, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to start a group of acting for non-majors on facebook, that way we could interact even more than we do here.
Awaiting your suggestions.
Have a lovley weekend.
I enjoyed watching all the skits today. And I felt Bill and Mitch did a really good job, the conversation just flowed and they complemented each other quite well.
Improvisation is good, but I was wondering what happens when actors get these pages of dialogues and they have to be true to it. Must be difficult I guess.

our scene

our scene was sweet. i enjoyed doing it and i thought it went fairly well. mike and i were thinking about how it would be better off going first, that way you get it over and done with and you have nothing else to compare to. i think i will try to start doing that way...
glad this week is about over, Thursdays are nice.. Friday classes suck because of the 730am class.. but i guess thats nothing compared to the weekdays mornings...


I love improv. Im so glad that we're doing it again. Bray and Max were hilarious. I cant wait to go today. I really think that Improv is probably the best part of acting because there are no scripted lines and you are just using your god given abilitys


i think the skits we are doing are very fun. they are fun but yet we have to make sure we touch all the objects in our skits. And we have to make sure the objects are the same size and height. i really enjoyed the first two skits. Max and brays was pretty good, and i thought they did a good job of making sure they went to each object. They flowed very well with their objects in their skit. I am looking forward to watching the other skits today!


So i have determined that god has been hazing me for some reason lately. I have so much homework to do and i still haven't gotten the results of my blood tests yet and i would like to because i would love to know why i feel like $h!t constantly no matter how much i rest i get or how much I eat or drink. My dad is on the verge of losing his job which possibly means us moving to Toledo and i don't want to move to Toledo. So then i get a phone call from my mom this morning at 7:26am and i look at the clock from my bed and im like WTF. so i lay there and let it go and she doesn't leave me a voicemail and so i get curious. I get up and use the bathroom, take out my retainer, and pick up my cell and call her back. She answers and i go whats up mom and she says are you sitting down. WOW I JUST LOVE THOSE PHONE CALLS! >:\ so after my heart stopped for like a minute i was like ok im sitting. she goes on to tell me about how my dog candy (who i had since i was 10 years old) got hit by a car and was killed last night. Im thinking to myself can things seriously get any worse. My brother was a wreck and didn't want to go to school i could tell my mom had probably been crying all night. My father i guess hadn't said a word and just wanted to be left alone and he has his court case against the police department tonight and i just felt so bad because i am so close to a breakdown right now that i sounded and felt like i didn't really care. i mean i really do and im sure when i go home and she is not there i will break down but im so dead right now i can't stand it. Im really looking forward to class today and im hoping that max julian will put on a wonderful performance because i need something to cheer me up for god sakes. so if you guys see me you know flash a smile, say hey, or just ask me how things are going because i really just need people to give me some positive support right now.
So yes I agree with you all, the new wizzbang double trouble attack combo is truly crazediculous...The scenes were also a blast to do and I had a lot of fun doing ours...But I beg you, please don't give me any credit for my acting prowess. It was easy for me to act like I was having an affair with Miss Dana...she is such a tiger "reeeeeeeer" Haha, Im just but seriously...Also I thought it would have been funny during Max and Bray's skit if when they brought up the ADPi's gone wild thing that Max would've said that that one has no good-looking girls in it or all the girls in that one are prude's...I dont know, that would have made me smile...Can't wait for the upcoming scenes, I'm sure you all will do superfluous jobs......
Double whiz bang was totally nuts. Never knew that the whiz could get you insane in the membrane like dat. Anyways, I thought that Tuesday's class was hilarious. The sitcom type scenarios were awesome, especially Bray's and Max's. It's crazy how much it can add to a scene when one of the characters wants something that is hard for them to get, like when Fabio told Bray to act like he wanted to watch the movie too. Totally crazdiculous.

meanwhile, at 1 in the morning...

Alright, all I have to say is that ADPis Gone Wild is pure fiction. At least there's no documented proof that I know of. And I'm really pumped to bring my little sister to class tomorrow. She's basically my alter ego and says all the stuff I'd like to, but I would get in trouble for. Right now we're capping off Halloween by watching White Noise after our fricken 2.5 hour drive back from Marietta....