Thursday, September 27, 2007

the class today was great.. i enjoyed the rap session but the conversations were really wierd.. but then so is rap..
also, what was enjoyable was that the class seemed more interactive today and the initial confusion in performing caused by not knowing who the other was, was hilarious..
i love this class..

another day @ convo...

Another funny story about convo..
so i was sitting there minding my own business with my friends at convo, when this random person comes and pulls up a chair and sits with us. And its his foreign crazy person who eats like a wild animal! It was grose! He ate so much and just shoved the chicken legs in his mouth ate off the meat and then spit out the bone. After that, I got up and left. I totally lost my appetite by then!

Thank goodness

Okay so I just tried to send my blog and an error came up so all my stuff was erased. this one is going to be short and sweet. Thank goodness this week is almost over. This week along with the whole semester has been ridiculously crazy.

High Hopes

Well, I really dont feel like writing a post because this past tuesday my grandfather died and the funeral was yesterday...He was an awesome man and was truly blessed in his life...If anything the only thing Im gonna say in this post is to live life to the fullest (within your belief's boundaries) because you never know when the big man upstairs is gonna call you home....I was truly blessed with an amazing grandfather and i know this is a time for morning but I can't help but celebrate because he is finally free from his pain and truly happy...

Almost forgot

Yep, I almost forgot to post today. The past week has been so "fun"-filled I just couldn't stand it.

Not to blow my own horn, but, well I am going to blow my own horn, I actually think I am getting better at this acting stuff! I certainlly wouldn't call it good yet, but definately better than what I was in the begining of class. I am starting to feel a lot more compfortable...

acting Class, and staying up late to study for Dr. Moser's class

Hey so i just got done studying for Dr. Mosers class and let me tell you memorizing over 65 terms and 2 big essays plus some more. My brain feels like its going to explode. But on the other hand i really enjoyed the acting out and guessing the age exercise. It really makes it fun to act that particular part out. You have fun either way if your the actor or the audience. I must also say that the exercise where you have sound effects is so hilarious and i love both the new exercises and strongly think that we should do them again.