Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I love our class. I think the people in it have gotten to know eachother and have good chemistry. We also resond well to eachothers' acting. I know I sound like I'm sucking up or something, but I really enjoy going to this acting class. The only thing keeping me from skipping statistics every Tuesday and Thursday, is that I know if I make it through, I have acting right after it. I love sunshine and rainbows and lollipops, too.


Hello wall post folk. I have a story. The other I attended the recreational services center. I went on a journey through weights and bicycles, sweating men and women and equipment of all sorts. It was a tumultuos journey but through the help of my friends I was able to overcome this terrible onslaught of danger and sweat. After my journey I arrived at the smoothie bar and I ordered a drink of grand flavor. It was a milkshake that was better then all the others around. I shall not be able to drink another milkshake without thinking about that glorious day of danger, yet with all of the danger around I was able to find a diamond in the rough. To make a long story short Dane makes real good milkshakes.


Haha-I just realized that like, 1/4 of the class was disaffiliated for Recruitment. Anyway-I think I'm headed for a meltdown. I don't like complaining (actually I hate it) so I'll call this venting. Recruitment took a lot out of me, then I had a bit of work to kick off this week (but I don't really ever get stressed, so it's OK). And then just a big general problem/mess that's wearing me down and basically ruining my life. BUT-good news: I think I'm meeting my little sister in Wooster Saturday for lunch, which is good because anytime Beck and I get together and eat, it's always a good time.

make believe..

the world of make-believe in the Theater class is awesome, wish real life was also so simple.. just make up things n there they r for real..
i liked the way Josh acted, his way of depicting the 3 yr old kid was awesome.. whenevr i see him, i think of it n feel like laughing :D


So i could not stop laughing in class today. First of all everytime we play that game at the start of class carbone makes the funniest faces when you look at him. Then we did the excercise where we were being moved and bills face was like the one on his hat. HILARIOUS!! And prolly the best thing of all was what bray and i discovered about dane. Her laugh is amazing and its really cool to make fun of lol Shes such a good sport about it too