Monday, September 3, 2007

i went home for the weekend and i took advantage of some free time by laying out in my back yard. i started thinking about thursday's assignment and started listening to what was going on around me. normally, because i do live out in the boondocks of doylestown ohio, anyone could walk out into my backyard and not really hear anything. but once i really opened myself up to it, i heard more than a first impression would let on. at first i just heard the music i had playing, but then i noticed the noise of my dad working in the field beyond our yard (he was bailing hay and the tractor was pretty loud-told you it was a small town). then i heard someone down the street mowing their grass, and some neighborhood dog barking-probably egging my own dogs on. then i heard the sound of locusts (i think that's what they were). this was probably the loudest sound out of all of them, but the one i noticed last, and it's funny because i always hear them at night so it's almost like they never stop. i don't know if i'd even notice any of that stuff unless i really took the time to listen.

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