Friday, August 31, 2007


So I had to take my roommate to the hospital last night for a concussion, and while he was in the emergency room geting examined i had to wait in the waiting room. Sitting there I listened and heard at first it was pretty quiet just heard footsteps walking by, but then all of the sudden I heard sirens and big clanging noises, a stretcher being brought in. Then it got quiet all again, then I heard a shrieking noise, breaking the silence. Then i realized it was a little kid crying. Then when i finally left the hospital i realized how quickly sounds can change at that place


so for the days assignment, we had to listen to things around us. in class on Thursday i heard a lot of different noises when we had to close our eyes for five minutes. some of the things i heard was a lawn mower outside. I also heard shuffling of feet from in front of me, which i think was just people who couldn't keep still! :)
But I also heard the door open and slam, which was Mr. S walking in the door to tell us to open our eyes for discussion. I also heard someone sneeze and cough. Because I was sitting close to people, if you listened carefully you could also hear them breath, which was pretty weird actually!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Honestly I really came upon this observation assignment by accident....As the young stallion that I am I decided to go for a little run today right around the time the sun is high in the sky and if lesser men were caught in the direct sunlight at that same time it would have seared their skin from bone but not mine...Anyways, as I was running I began to observe the surrounding area and I ended up running up to a practice field over by the Ashland high School and Community stadium...I ran a few laps and over in the community stadium the 8th grade Ashland football team was getting ready to play a game against another 8th grade team...And as I heard the announcer over the crappy Community stadium speakers it brought me back to my younger days but it also did more....As I noticed the game I began to notice other things, like the warm sun sinking in the open cloudless sky and the feel of dead and dying grass under my feet, I noticed when the wind blew against my cheek and in the trees that the weakest of the leaves on the trees finally started to succomb to the pressure of mother nature furiously trying to tear them from their branch shelter, and far off in the distance I thought I could hear the faint hum of a lawnmower making one last cut of the year.....and then it hit me....If i had no idea what the date was, if I was utterly innocent or naive to any sort of calender and the idea of time, I would still no it was that time of year for football to begin, for the leaves to start to turn, and for one last time we would have a few months left to enjoy the outdoors before it got too cold.....Needless to say I didn't stay for the 8th grade game because they both sucked pretty bad and it was getting hott....

Interesting query from Michael(Mike)

I think that Michael posed an interesting question:

"How can we feel so comfortable sitting (or standing) still observing our surroundings yet feel so uncomfortable doing the same thing if people are watching us?"

Please respond with your ideas.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

All Set

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