Wednesday, September 12, 2007


For this blog I just wanted to talk about the last class....I thought it was really funny and crazy watching everybody during the rope exercise. I must admit that I was wore out after me and my partner went at it we went at it like crazy stallions, not just crazy stallions, I mean REALLY crazy stallions...I put so much energy into that dang thing I think I broke a bloodvessel, just to clarify this is the rope exercise Im talking about not a sexual act..But it was pretty cool to see when a good group went how you could almost really see the rope...that something that I never really noticed but it is hard to "act" like there is something there when it really is not. So I hope by the end of this class I can not only act when there is nothing there but be able to win any invisible tug-o-war contest I am ever in...


Tuesday's class period was quite entertaining. I thought the tug-o-war activity was amazing. I had a great time just trying to concentrate on the rope being in my hands. It was also pretty cool to see other peoples' faces and trying to do the same thing.


So I'm sitting here doing my homework for tomorrow right now, and I must say I'm looking forward to tomorrows class. I missed tuesday, and it was a very empty tuesday indeed! Anyways, I must delve into the world of modern poetry now (why did i friggin take this class?) and I will see all of your bright shining faces tomorrow,

Peace in the Middle East


So you may laugh, but i have a dog back home. She is a chihuahua and i love her more than anything. I also have another dog, half lab, half poodle. This dog is about three times larger than my chihuahua. About a month ago, we noticed that my dog was getting big around her tummy. This was not good, because if she was pregnant, there was a good chance that there would be complications in the birth. Sure enough, she was pregnant, and due in about three weeks. Dogs pregnancy is much shorter than humans, only lasting about 55-60 days. She began to grow larger and larger to a point where i was scared for her health. About two weeks ago, she gave birth, and was in labor nearly 12 hours and had to be taken to the vet. He gave her a shot that induced contractions, and she gave birth to three out of four healthy puppies; one white, one brown, one black. One puppy was lost. She was fine afterwards but i still haven't seen the newborns. The lesson of this story is to get your pets fixed, or at least have dogs that are the same size.

Game #3 UPDATE

1 point to Kelsy for posting, One point to hagdaddy for guessing incorrectly...BUT he was VERY close!

One was Knighted in 1995
One was nearly deported because of his political views
One had an obsession with Indian culture,
One liked to wear rings on all his fingers

i don't know

i don't know how i felt about class on Tuesday. i really like the mirror exercises and Tanya you go way too fast by the way :D but the tug of war thing was really interesting. i don't know if you guys remember when me and stuck did it but my arms we shaking like crazy and im pretty sure my face was beat red. my arms felt really sore after we were done too. and for those of you who were wondering i was washing a 2007 black Honda civic because it was the first thing that popped in my head. somebody thought i was rolling in an escalade! ha ha ha whoever told me made my day!

our town

Tuesday's class was kind of fun for me because it reminded me of my freshman year in high school when we did Our Town. The whole play was done without props except for 2 ladders and maybe a couple chairs. The entire thing was performed through pantomime, and at first it was hard for me to get the hang of things. After awhile, I really had a system down and could almost see my kitchen: the table, the sink, the door...(I was Mrs. Gibbs, so that's where I was most of the time.) I'm still not sure why Wilder wanted the play performed that way, but I think if the actor is truely dedicated and can see what's not there, it's easier for the audience to accept the fact that there isn't any props and can follow the story as if there were.

how school is complicated

So i just thought i would talk a little bit about how hectic school is lately. I don't know if this is true for everyone else but it does sure seem that way for me. Well my schedule is the thing that really puts me off because i have club soccer practice then club tennis practice right after. Plus fraternity meetings and involvement in student senate, plus writing for the schools news paper. I guess i am just involved in too much stuff along with actual classes. So homework just seems like its piling in already too with so much reading and papers already. I just wanted to know if anyone else had the same problem of not enough time in the day for everything.

But enough of me complaining so other than that the weather has been nice and exercising keeps me in shape even though we all eat at convo. The Browns suck once again but then again I'm a Miami Dolphins fan. But they lost there home opener to Washington in overtime which made me mad. Well that's it for me.