Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I am excited about the final. There is a lot more to think about than i thought there would be. I think i have a pretty good idea who my character is and his relationship to the other character. I do not think it is going to be hard for others to figure out our relationship either. There is a good bit of drama in the relationship and it should be good. I have a weird feeling that a lot of people are going to be very serious characters in the final. I do not believe that there is going to by much comedy. With these lines that we have, i feel like it would be hard to make it humorous. good luck to everyone
So i have to make this quick so I can make it to class....But I am excited for the final. I think it is going to be alot of fun and will give us an opportunity to incorporate all the different skills we have learned in the class to a skit we get to perform in front of everyone!
I must disagree with the common opinion about the play last week. I thought it was well performed by the actors, and the songs were pretty good too. Most people disliked the play for different reasons but I thought it was good and i thoroughly enjoyed it. I was impressed by the actors and I thought that with the budget that the theater department had, the set was good.
im kinda nervous about this final because i have to agree with AJ this is all quite sudden. i mean the only thing we did all year was pretend that we were dealing with objects and reacting to other people, places, or things and now out of nowhere we have to write 2 page bios of our characters describing our life story only with the detail that affects the scene and is has to go along with the relation of our partners character. I also feel like my scene limits me because one of my lines is "ok i'm going to continue with my washing now" so i don't really have the freedom of being anywhere because i could be doing laundry or taking a shower or whatever. hopefully me and Jason can pull it off.

I love Backstreet Boys

There is one thing that I really like about our final project and that is the freedom to make everything up except the lines. Its going to be really hard, and i'm not expecting us to be able to do this, but to be able to describe everything that has led to this scene without tell the audience. Such as where we are coming from. What our relationship is to this person. All that stuff is going to be very difficult to convey. I aslo can't wait for break. We all go for so long without any break, people should respect the hell out of us.
Ok well I totally messed up that last attempt to writting a blog so here is my real one. Class on Thursday went well when talking about the musical and all. Since we didnt really do anything pertaining to acting that class, I am going to talk about the Browns and what an amazing win they had this weekend. I about pissed my pants when they actually one a game and had the right calls made for them, it was almost a miracle. I am also very excited for this break that we have coming up for the good old gobble day. It is such a great time of the year to have a break and spend some time with the fam. Well my time is done here and I will see everyone in class later today...