Wednesday, October 10, 2007


This week and the past has been hell for me. The only thing that I have liked about the past two weeks is when we play wizbang. That is such a great game. I am going to start playing this activity at party's. I think it would be interesting to try and teach this wonderful game to a bunch of drunk people and watch them attempt to play. That is just a thought that I had in the course of me getting to this blogsite. On the other hand, I believe the play, Expecting Isabel, was very well done. It had some really funny parts that mad me laugh so hard that I almost cried, that should tell you something about the play. The paper that we have to write about the play should be pretty easy based on the content of the play. There is plenty to write about, because the actors did an amazing job.
so i have realized in the past couple of days, since fabio asked us to relate our blogs back to acting, that i really act a lot around my friends but not in a bad way. Whenever i have lunch with my friends mel and stacey sometimes they will do something and i will pretend to get upset about it even though im not and its a lot of fun and we all do it and i just think it is really humorous. other than that i am going to see expecting isabel tomorrow and i just hope its not too long. i can watch a musical but i have a hard time with plays some times so i guess we will see.


i really do love playing whizbang, even tho at first it was so hard, know though i think we all have the hang of it, and i would like to thank carbone for the A-ROD when off a curveball. That was pretty funny. The eating excercise was a little tougher because you had to make sure you concentrated on chewing rather than talking all the time, and that was harder, and the entangling excercise was funny to see how everyone would react to diferent things.
I enjoyed yesterday's class a lot. It was fun, acting without props, and concentrating on eating and conversing at the same time was difficult.
I also had a good laugh when the prof was making fun of Anthony.. no hard-feelings oki..
btw, I was wondering, why is Carbone called Carbone??