Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bike Rack

I just wanted to kinda call out our instructor, a Mr. Fabio Polanco. Everyday he says that we're gonna fight by the bike rack. And everyday i'm out there warming up w/o my shirt on waiting for him, ready to kill. Today i waited for nearly 2 and a half hours. But it seems that everyday he seems to be more cowardly than the day before and he never shows up. I just wanted to know how scared of me he really is i mean comeon be a man!!


So today in class was really hard! it was hard to pick and choose a topic that everyone can do as a group, but that nobody knew what they were doing until Anthony went up and started it. most of the times we couldn't think of or know of what he was trying to show us! But other than that, it was interesting. And that game we played at the beginning of class was cool, we played that a lot at camp over the summer, but it was cool to play it with college kids, and see how they reacted differently than camp kids.
I love fall....I love the smell, the sensation, and the changes that the fall always brings. I know that it is not yet "officially" fall but from the change in the weather it's pretty safe to say it is fall.....My friends and I headed to Mohican state Park this past weekend to check out an Indian Pow-wow festival that they were holding. It was awesome! They had tons of little tents and booths set up for venders and also had dancers all the way from Mexico! It was such an awesome experience. I really wanted to buy an Indian flute there but I didn't quite have the money to get one, oh well. But it was a great weekend and I had so much fun I'm glad I got to experience it because those Pow-Wows only happen twice a year. So it was fun being able to experience one in the beautiful fall weather!
Well going with Dave's post yeah it's going to be crazy esspically since I am disaffiliated from my fraternity which kinda stinks but it's kinda fun in it's own weird way but what I wanna just come out and say to everyone is 50 rules and Kanye drules. Now this should win the Oscar for Drama of the year I garuntee everyone album sales are way higher due to the "beef" between the Rapper 50 and the hip hop artist Kanye West. Yes I called him a hip hop artitst because he is not a rapper.

this week is going to be busy

This week is going to be crazy well for me any way i have a paper due tuesday, and a bunch of reading due all week for classes and a upcoming test. Plus its recruitment week which means alot of time for Phi Kappa Psi. But its all good i love that place so much and i can't wait to much more work in it than i have done in the past. This year is going to be good i can feel it or at least i think its going to be. I really enjoy the excersies in class where one starts doing an activity and others then join in its alot of fun. To see what the other person is going to do. And its fun to join in and add a littlbe bit of your own creativity to the project.
I can finally post on this thing.... thank you blogger.com for allowing me this opportunity.

Its a great day in Paradise

The wekend has come and gone in the blink of my eyes. The weekends is something that I always look forward to, and that is because I get to hang out with all of my friends. we actually do some of the things for real that we act out in class. Which is why this class is so interesting to me. Everything that we have done in class I now watch tv shows or even movies and try to pick out there acting styles and such or to what the actor is reacting to.