Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Guess Who Game

Okay, here is how the game works, I will post a picture of a celebrity actor, actress, singer or other famous person, the first person who correctly guesses the identity of the celebrity gets 5 points. Everyone who guesses incorrectly prior to the correct guess get one point (total! you can't get multiple points for multiple wrong guesses).

I will change pictures after each class and give the correct answer if not guessed.

So for the first subject I have choosen a fairly easy one. You should all recognize him.

Fraternity House

So before i went home this weekend i spent a little time in my room in the TKE house and i left my door open and i laid in my bed to listen. The first thing i noticed was squeaking shoes and the sound of tennis balls being hit back and forth. I NEVER REALIZED the tennis courts are right outside my window and it made me realize how oblivious people are to some of the most obvious details at times. and then i noticed that i could hear the band practicing outside. then i focused on things going on inside the house and i heard Mario Kart being played and i laughed because i heard a few curse words being thrown every now and then with the occasional roulette sound when someone picks up a power up. i also think i heard my fridge but it could have been someone mowing in the distance. and then when you had the quiet moments outside i could hear people from the house next door. i assumed they were playing HALO because it sounded like gunfire and explosives with the occasional F-bombs.....again :D. I realized that my ceiling fan is really annoying and I'm kind of upset because i never realized it before and now that i know i swear i hear it and i get frustrated. My TV was on and there was a high school musical 2 video playing but i turned it off so i could focus on other stuff but i didn't really hear much more than people walking around in the hall into other rooms and people yelling down the hall to each other, plus the flushing toilet every now and then.