Friday, August 31, 2007


So I had to take my roommate to the hospital last night for a concussion, and while he was in the emergency room geting examined i had to wait in the waiting room. Sitting there I listened and heard at first it was pretty quiet just heard footsteps walking by, but then all of the sudden I heard sirens and big clanging noises, a stretcher being brought in. Then it got quiet all again, then I heard a shrieking noise, breaking the silence. Then i realized it was a little kid crying. Then when i finally left the hospital i realized how quickly sounds can change at that place


so for the days assignment, we had to listen to things around us. in class on Thursday i heard a lot of different noises when we had to close our eyes for five minutes. some of the things i heard was a lawn mower outside. I also heard shuffling of feet from in front of me, which i think was just people who couldn't keep still! :)
But I also heard the door open and slam, which was Mr. S walking in the door to tell us to open our eyes for discussion. I also heard someone sneeze and cough. Because I was sitting close to people, if you listened carefully you could also hear them breath, which was pretty weird actually!