Thursday, November 8, 2007

I always used to be happy whenever classes got cancelled due to the convocation thingie. But now that our Theater class is cancelled coz of it, I feel really sad.
It is the one fun class I have, and really look forward to.
I am looking forward to our final. I think it will be a good time for everyone to display all their skills that we have learned thus far. We have some good ideas for our situation and Meg and i are gonna whoop some be-hind...
that entering and exiting is hard...
but it was fun... it got old after awhile though...
also im pretty stoked about the final!
mitch and i will be sweet! :)


the blog is not letting me post i hope this works, and the excercise were really hard on tuesday

Entrance and Exit

This activity was pretty tough I thought...It is hard thinking of a scene where you are coming from somewhere and then exiting through a completely different place...Not only is that hard but it is just as hard to create a scene and portray it in a way that the audience can understand it but yet the actor doesn't tell them exactly where they are or blatantly making it obvious through their actions...All I know is this thursday the planets will align and the world will be set right because the true champ is here...


this is the first day of the year where i actually had to buckle down and do work. it was terrible. actually, im not complaining, i've had a really easy time so far this year, stress-free and mermaids everywhere. But i have an interview tommorow, which is going to take some hardcore acting on my part. im gonna have to act like a mermaid and pretend to be a good studious young boy. i'm sure i'll be alright though. dueces.