Thursday, October 4, 2007


so finding stuff to write that paper was real hard. hard to find stuff. but i did it anyhow. saw the play last night. it was pretty good. long though. the actors are good, and there are no props, which was kind of interesting, because i never seen a play like that. well actually i never did really ever see a play, especially one that was in a small theater! but it was cool! hope everyone enjoys it!

A few more things

Yeah, there wasn't any information on that lady. I couldn't get a whold page without pullin crap out of my butt. I am pretty pumped to go see Expecting Isabel. I have a buddy who is in it so I'm double obligated to go see it. I went home last night, saw my Dad's soccer team play, and lose. At least they are better than AU's mens soccer team and they are D-III. My Dad coaches, he doesn't play.

Take it easy

This week!!!

This has been a great week for me up until tonight. I have had very few classes and only a couple homework assignments. That is always delightful. Tonight was not so much of a goodnight, and that is because my serpintine belt on my car fell off on my way to Wendy's. Alls I wanted was a couple bacon cheeseburgers and I couldn't even have that. So, needless to say I was a bit upset when I realized I had to return to my dorm with no Wendy's, and worst of all I now have to fix my car tomorrow so I can go to the indians game on Friday!!

Class this week

Im not going to lie. This has been the best week of classes by far this year. Going into thursday I will have gone to a total of 3 classes. If I include tommorow it will be 4 and if I include this friday it will be 5. 5 total classes all week long. How much better can it get you ask. Well Ill tell you. It can only get better if in someway I ate pumpkin ice cream everyday. But thats the only way. But im out homies. Peace out Represent.