Tuesday, September 11, 2007


So this is an acting class and I guess I've kinda had expirence so I'm going to write about that. First off let me say that this expierence I speak of is weak and limited. I did competitive speach in highschool if anyone here is firmiliar with the world of suits begals and stress on 6:30 am on saturdays during highschool you'll be in agreement that speech and debate teams don't really teach you how to act. Sure they claim to make you not shy infront of a group but that group is a bunch of people you'll never see. I guess thats why I've felt so scared in class so far. Sure I know a few people but getting graded for something I can't completely controll plainly scares me. I guess all there is to do is play by the one true role I learned on the speech team that applies to the real world and thats the first person who notices that you're embaressed is yourself.

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