Tuesday, November 13, 2007

No Class

Even though I love going to this acting class and it is the class I have the most fun in, I thoughly enjoyed the day off today. It was a well needed break from the everyday classes. I had the opportunity to catch up on some work tha t I needed to get down and to start on the paper that is due on Thursday in this class. I will let you know about how I felt about the play in the paper that way I dont have to write it down twice.

Dead Man Walking

I went for the screening of "Dead Man Walking" today at Bixler, and just couldn't keep my emotions under control. Its a powerful movie, and I guess if some of you plan to audition for it, you must go watch it, if you haven't already.
They will have two screenings tomorrow, one at 3pm and the other at 7pm, both at Bixler 108, the ACN (Ashland Community for Non-violence) office.