Wednesday, September 5, 2007

eye contact

First of all-that picture's totally Tom Hanks. Next, I think I'm getting a little more comfortable doing the exercises and stuff in class. However, when we did the mirror exercise, I was kind of getting a little uneasy because I don't like making constant eye contact with people unless I'm holding a conversation with them-it weirds me out. So I was starting to get a little uncomfortable doing this exercise, and I even knew my first partner (Dave) reasonably well. So I was thinking about that then I was running out of ideas for mirror motions, so my head was filling up with all of this stuff that wasn't even related to the point of the exercise. I think it's kind of funny because inconsequential stuff like that never bothered me whenever I did plays back in high school. I don't know-that's just what struck me about Tuesday's class.

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kelsy said...

Megan, I totally agree. Making a constant eye contact is a little nerve racking. you have to really concentrate and hope that the other person doesn't look away either. You're not the only one, I feel uneasy too. I also agree that the celebrity is so tom hanks. Right on!