Thursday, October 25, 2007


class today for me was the most fun i have had in a while, whiz bang was amazing today, the funniest one we have had yet, we are all getting so much better at that game, and i love how carbone just yells and runs. As for the excercises i think working in pairs is more effective for us because we can feed off one another, and we do it well i think. So i am looking forward to next class to keep working on the substance excercises

the day...

today in class. what did we do? oh yes partners and the slime... that was interesting. it was especially interesting to see how the partners interacted with eachother with the slime. it was defintally like a mirror exersize on how we had to mimic what the other people were doing. it was cool though, and i also liked the exersize how we had to continue what the other person was doing. i think it would of been more affective though if we were put into groups.
Class was fun today, especially as we had to deal with the substance in two's. But the best part was the whizz-bang game because it went both ways, it was really confusing but amusing as well.

I am waiting for next wednesday to see the students dreesed up all wierdly in their Halloweens best or should i say worst :))
I love this chilly weather...It's so nice that it is actually seeming to be fall again...I just got back from giving a tour and it was great walking around in this weather...Last night my friend and I were watching the show whose line is it anyways' and it reminded me of our class...Noticing how they use props and other things and how funny their improvs were was a first for me...I mean, I've always known how funny they were but I never noticed how good they were with imaginary props...It was interesting to see how they interacted with each other with the imaginary props...That's all I got...


Thank goodness its thursday, this week hasnt been too awful bad for me. it was actually kinda of relaxing but I'm just glad its almost over. But the sooner tomorrow is over the sooner the next week full of everything to do will come. Oh well thats life I guess. Yea Tuesday's class was fun, I feel bad that Dave didnt understand what to do atfirst but he got the hang of it. haha

Let's go Eagles... Beat Findlay = D


So class on Tuesdday was quite funny. I thought it was great seeing everybody try and pull their object out of the floating mass of blobness. I about peed my pants when AJ brought out a horse and then galloped into the sunset with it. Well I hope that tomorrows class is just as exciting. I seriously look forward to this class to lighten up my week, and so I get some time to actually relax and have fun with what I am doin.