Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Since we are allowed to write about anything I figured I'd just write about our past class, specifically the mirror exercise....I really enjoyed doing that because as a white person I have never really been able dance the robot. Growing up in a blue collar family on a blue collar farm I was never given the guidance or counseling to perform the robot as no one had ever seen it, in it's purest form. But junior high after junior high dance and beyond I would try so hard to impress my peers with my dancing robot moves, but I was never able to complete the dance. I hate to fit the stereotype but I always got so frustrated on the dance floor but after that mirror exercise I felt like a superstar because it felt like I was doing the most amazing robot the world had ever seen. I gained a lot of experience from that exercise and it has really helped me in continuing to reach my goal of becoming the greatest robot dancer in the world. I would like to just let everyone know that if you wanna see some magic just maybe try to come to the wheel or linder's or any Ashland bar late one night and you might just see some real fireworks
a.k.a. My Robot dancing skills

Our Class

Well I guess I will write about the class too. I really like the class and think that moving a lot helps the class go faster. I think it is really hard to actually carry out the tasks that our instructor asks us to do. It is hard to not think about your actions because for me I am always wondering what people are thinking and its hard to just "listen" without actually acting out listening and trying to express to everyone what we are listening to. Its difficult to think like an actor should. I guess its something that we aren't supposed to be good at if we are just learning about it.

Game and Class

So i guess that the one picture is patrick swayze, and anyway for the assignment for class since we can write about anything I am going to write about the class itself. I really have fun in class and as we all get to know eachother i think class will be much more fun. The mirror excercise was a fun too because it was interesting to see everyone doing different things. I especially like Anthony and Bill in our class too. Carbone is the man.

Guess Who Game #2

Since we will have the entire weekend to guess, this picture won't be as easy as Tom was, in fact I think I'll make it a double... Get both right to score all of the points.
I'll let you know if your guesses are right or wrong each day.

Megan 5
everyone else 0
Good Luck

An empty house

Today it really hit me hard. I got home around 5:00 after classes, and the absolute stillness of my house just got to me. Not that today was much different than most others, except that I just dropped my son off at ONU last Saturday. But it's not like he's been around a lot anyway. Since graduation, he's been hanging out with his friends a lot and hasn't been around much anyway. I don't know... the house just seems more empty than normal I guess.
Hi all,

so since we can write about anything i have decided to write about just walking on campus and the activity that you see go on by a day to day basis. while i was going to class today which didn't start to eleven i noticed the large amount of people out of the quad talking and walking vigorously to class. Most were walking or talking to someone else next to them or yelling across the quad to say hi to one or more people. Some where on there phones and others were just taking a smoke break in between classes. It was just interesting to see so many people out and about i don't know really why it just was very interesting today. Other than that today has been pretty uneventful until the afternoon starts when my schedule gets hectic because of two club sports.

eye contact

First of all-that picture's totally Tom Hanks. Next, I think I'm getting a little more comfortable doing the exercises and stuff in class. However, when we did the mirror exercise, I was kind of getting a little uneasy because I don't like making constant eye contact with people unless I'm holding a conversation with them-it weirds me out. So I was starting to get a little uncomfortable doing this exercise, and I even knew my first partner (Dave) reasonably well. So I was thinking about that then I was running out of ideas for mirror motions, so my head was filling up with all of this stuff that wasn't even related to the point of the exercise. I think it's kind of funny because inconsequential stuff like that never bothered me whenever I did plays back in high school. I don't know-that's just what struck me about Tuesday's class.