Tuesday, September 25, 2007

how convo is hallarious....

So, this weekend my friends and I were at convo. For practically an hour on Saturday! We were sitting in a booth, eating dinner, when we noticed this hilarious foreign women eating. She had a bowl of yogurt, beans, and a plate of meat and potatoes. She would poke each piece of food and shove it in her face. Then she would shove the yogurt in her mouth, while it was dripping from her chin and the spoon. Her face looked like a chipmunk storing food in her mouth. It was pretty hilarious at convo this week...

Hell Week

I have three big test this week. I hate how all my porfessors wait till the same week to give their first test while thinking they are giving theirs later than all the other professors. That is why I enjoy this class because it acts as a break from my major classes... a.k.a my no fun classes.
On top of all this, I have a big soccer game this weekend and I need to get myself and the team back in shape by Saturday.

Lovin it

This semester is killing me

Okay so I have never been so busy in my whole life. I feel like I get up in the morning and do not stop until I have to go to bed. I need time to myself but I really dont have any. But onto better things... its officially Fall : ) Yay and the leaves are beginning to fall and change colors. It's so beautiful. Im super excited about that and also the Rascal Flatts new CD just came out and its amazing so far. Everyone should go get it!

The illusion is gone

Last week has been so hectic for me I can't even begin to tell you all. At least it's over now and after a few hours of cleaning my oven, I feel soooo much better.

Class is great, but I hate what it's done for me... Now, because of all the stuff we've been doing, I see it happining in every movie I watch now... The illusion is gone....But it is a lot of fun, and I do enjoy it, just not that one part.

The game

Alright so I guess I really need to work on keeping a straight face in the game we play. I just felt really dumb last week when I was pounding my shoulders and having Chris stare right at me I think thats one thing I really need to work on to make my self better at acting. BTW pro wrestlers are really good actors and even better athetles. Monday Night Raw is the best show on television.