Monday, September 3, 2007


For this weeks assignment I decided to choose a situation that occurred this past friday...Some buddies and I had a fairly large camp fire in the woods behind our house and a little later we decided to head over to the graveyard and walk around for a bit (I know, that's weird). But anyways I've always kind of noticed it but this time when we were their I felt very conscious of it, the grave yard was so deathly quiet. It was even as if the noise from cars and other outside forces didn't dare penetrate the gates of the cemetery. But it really wasn't scary like you would imagine it to be, I'd say it was more soothing and peaceful then anything else. The worst part of the whole cemetery experience though was one of the guys with us was talking extremely loud. I felt embarassed and actually a little fearful because it seemed like the place echoed and amplified any verbal communication....But we made it out alive and lived to tell the story

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