Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hey guys, i know i should be sleeping but i just can't in anticipation to do our skit tomorrow. I can't wait to show off my sweet guitar skillz. STAY OUT THA PAINT!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Je serai finir!

Ooo la la, French...the language of love. I just wanted to sign off one last time and let you guys all know that I love you., yeah, ok I guess all of you. Joshua and I are formulating a new brand of acting that will forever change the face of theatre/film/geico commercials/sitcoms/greek tragedies. we are the Affleck-Damon combo of the future. Seriously though, glad to be a part of the class, glad to learn so much about what acting really is and is not. Actions and reactions, not 'playing emotions' ;)

Good luck everyone I hope I never see you again


...No I'm not


Monday, December 10, 2007

Max Sings/Chris Croons


I don't think you need to be trained to sing, "regular type music." If you can sing AT ALL you should come out for my show next year. No promises, but if you can carry a tune, you might be perfect.


I would also encourage you to come out for it. I know that you are busy, but if you can make the time and get cast, you might have a great time. Especially in one of my crazdiculous shows.


Sunday, December 9, 2007

The final days

I am excited to present our final on thursday. I think it will be exciting to see all the groups go and see how they have improved hopefully on their skits. I am sure we will all do well. In class on thursday i was glad we got to see everyone go. I think that going before helped us all get a better understanding of what we need to do. So good luck everyone. and see you in class on thursday

Friday, December 7, 2007

In the shower I don't really know if I'm any good or not I guessing probably not since i've never had any training.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Really? No whiz-bang or anything?

I can't believe we just had our last class! A part of me just died. But now I'm working on my final, and I know Dave and I were kind of having some trouble in the verb department. So if anyone else is, too, I found a really good site today: . And another piece of advice: don't practice your scene in front of my roommate and friends because it will ultimately lead to your destruction and demise.

finals once again...

another time with finals and another round of them. Cant wait until they are over! Everyone did a great job today during their presentations. I think everyone will do a great job on the final! Good luck on finals, have a great break! :)

Max Julian - You are needed


Do you sing at all? I mean outside of the rap genre.

This class was awesome, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who would care to listen. :)
I have learnt a lot, not only about acting, but also how and at times why people tend to behave the way they do.
I am a little anxious about finals, though I guess all will go well.
All the best with finals !!

Two Fighters Against a Star Destroyer??

So its the last blog and I'm happy for that, but upset we have no more new and exciting skits to do in our class...It's been real, it's been fun, and it definitely has been real fun! Probably one of my favorite classes ever and I know I will be able to use the knowledge I have gained from this class throughout my life and whenever I do skits or lip sync's or eat subway, I know I have Fabio to thank for all that.....Pe@ce out A-town...
Yeah so today I worked on my final script I hope it goes well, I'm kinda nervous but I guess it's what we've been working towards all year. It's soo weird to think how embaressed I was to get up infront of the class at the beginning of the semester now I don't even care I guess if you read this anyone this was the most fun class I ever had it was real cool getting to know everyone I didn't already know.
You know what, it really shocked me to realize it's the last week of classes. Where has the first half gone? I just flys by when your hanging out with friends and having a good time. It all really does go bye faster than anyone realizes. Ask anyone, they'll all say where has the time gone. A lot of things will change in the next couple of years but hopefully we'll still have good friends and and wisdom.
well its the last week of class, and its already half over. This semester has flown by and i feel like i have learned alot from this class. Not just how to act, but how to read people and interract with them. I will take alot from this class to use in the future, and i will greatly miss it next semester.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The final blog

I really enjoyed getting to perform some of my final on tuesday with Hale. It made me realize how rusty i am and how much i miss doing musicals but i just don't have the time to do them so. I'm really glad that i took this class and even though most of the time i felt like everything we were doing was a waste of time it really did come together in the end. I also want to thank all of you guys cause you made the class even more enjoyable and i would like to take a moment to look back on my favorite moment from this semester of when our two classmates were trapped inside a uterus. Pretty sure i came close to peeing myself and of course I have to just say two words... Max Julian... enough said.
class was good on Tuesday.
We hardly understand the nuances of different kinds of sounds that come our way, and that even those sounds convey emotions.
I too had the unfortunate experience of viewing the silent film on the civil war. It goes to show how important it is to develop these skills we have tried to cultivate in ourselves as actors without the faculties of sound! They were really horrible at conveying action and reactions with no words. As Fabio would say, they 'played an emotion.' That said, I am really glad Josh and I got to work on our final in class today, I think it will help us loads. I'm kind of nervous for it, though...

Tuesday Night

I was at my night class tonight and we were watching a silent film made in 1915 about the start of the Civil War. I liked thinking about how acting has evolved in terms of film, but the art has always been the same-dating all the way back to ancient Greece (pretty sure that was it). I thought the film was kind of funny, though, because it looked like these people just filmed it in their backyard, and the addition of text didn't really help me understand what was going on. But just because our audience can actually see and hear us clearly doesn't mean Dave's and my final is a sure thing. Hope everything works out!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

finals week

i was glad that i got to work on my final today in class. it really helped me get more of an understanding for what we have to do. i think that with more practice we will do very good on the final!

finals week

next week is finals week and our acting final is next thursday. i hope everyone is ready. i enjoyed watching them in class today. i think jason and chris did the best! :)
we will probley go on thursday since we didnt go yet, but i think were prepared! hope everyone enjoys it!

I took acting for Non-majors and all I got was this stupid blog

So yea, myself and Tim's project is coming along grandly...I feel nervous because we still have over a week to work on it but we really want to make sure that we get it done and get to go in class so that we can get some positive feedback...Watching Dane's and Chelsea do their's and the feedback that they got from it was awesome...I say it is definitely worth a lot to all of us to do our skit and have the Fabster critique it...So I am looking forward to being able to go sometime this week...
I'm looking forward to class tomorrow because I really would like to work on my skit. I think that what we have now is pretty good and I'm looking to get some feedback. On another note, I'm real upset that the Browns lost on Sunday because, lets face it, he got pushed at. Plus the Patriots won. All in all it was not a good week for me as far as sports are concerned.

Monday, December 3, 2007

gotta give some props

i just have to say that Dane was pretty awesome in class on thursday and i can't wait to see the final performance of that skit... I really don't have anything to talk about, i got together with my partner and we got our stuff figured out and im kind of excited for my performance with Hale... im really going to miss fabio's classes on my tuesdays and thursdays because they really were the highlight of my week so i just want to thank him for a great class and a wonderful experience

class thursday

Well me and Chelsey's run through in class on thursday helped alot with my preparation for my final. it was very helpful to hear not only fabio's suggestions but also everyone elses. I hope everyone else can benefit from the inclass sessions like I did.

Umm and yea i shot at my first deer ever on Sat. I missed but it was sweet. : )

Finally rememberd to blog again

So I'm happy that i am finally able to blog again, first off i forgot for a bit, and then i had to reset my password. So I'm back on again and now not lose any more points in class. I am really excited about our final and scared at the same time that i won't be able to provide the emotion i need for the scene. But only time will tell. The Browns lost but there still in the playoff picture so im still confident with them. My other team the Dolphins are still winless and that saddens me, but its ok were still the only team to go undefeated even if the patriots do we were still the first. No team will ever be able to break it. Last night i was remembering the great Paul Brown the only coach to coach at all 3 levels of football. High school, college, and pro. He spent 9 years at my home town high school the Massillon tigers. He posted a record of 80 wins 8 loses, and only 2 ties. He lead up to 6 state championships. He was just a great man and legend.

I was just a kid, but thats what i miss

I went to Wright Patt Air force Museum this weekend and it was awesome. For those of you who don't know about it or have never been, I would look into going to see it. They have four HUGE hangers full of aircrafts from the Wright Bro's first plane all the way to stealth fighter jets. The way it works is you basically go to the aviation evolution because the planes just gradually get sweeter and sweeter. The best hanger is the third one. It has a lot of sweet fighter jets in it. I felt like such a kid walking through the place cause I was constantly like. Look at the sweet gun! Oh look at the missile! I got to sit in the cockpit of one of the fighter jets and it was sweeet. That was the first time I had been there since I was a kid, but i remember going there a few time and getting a model airplane at the gift store when we were leaving, unfortunately I didn't get one this time. Maybe next time.

anyways. Behrooz and I are kicking butt on our final. I'm having a lot of fun thinking of the characters and what the whole scene is about.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I can't believe it

The browns just lost and I've never been so mad watching a football game. Any other day i love watching an offensive line just push back a d-line and run out the clock, but not when it's against the brownies. I couldn't believe it when i heard that a force out isn't reviewable...Anyway me and stuck need to do a little work on our project. I think it'll be good we've got some sweet ideas just needs to be a little tuned up... Tommorrow is the first day of my carreer as a thesbian and i'm pretty excited to try it out still. I'm excited to meet some new people too. Although i love meatheads like Hale, i've always felt i was a little better than my football buddies, because i've always considered myself a little bit of an intellectual...Well as usual, STAY OUT THE PAINT!!
Things are starting to build up and my shoulders are starting to feel it...Anywho-I think our scene went well on Thursday. It's crazy because Dave and I ran through our lines the other night and we pretty much had it down without trying to memorize it so now we just have to add emotion and action. I thought we are off to a good start, though and can't wait to perfect it.