Thursday, November 15, 2007

I liked listening to everyone's opinions about the play today. However, I feel if they had read the novel before seeing the play, they would have had a clearer picture as to what was going on.
I enjoyed the play, and felt it was good in the sense that it wasnt supposed to be a professional set-up.

class today

Today in class we talked about the play. i didnt enjoy the play because there was too much singing. i agreed with AJ with most of the stuff he said. otherwise i really enjoyed the first play much better than this. the final seems hard, but i hope we can make it through it! :)
Yes I agree, the snow this morning is awesome! Tuesday was kind of nice because we didn't have class but at the same time I missed not having class because it is usually so fun. The final should be a good time, I really want to do a Star Wars theme but I'm afraid the professor will get pissed off and we will get a bad grade even though it would be serious and we wouldn't be playing to the crowd...But that is about all I have today...Hope the snow start to catch on the ground, love the snow...


okay i was just super excited that it is snowing right now. Its kinda like really wet snow but its still sweet. So yea I'm excited about the final, it should be fun to make up our own who what where and see where it takes us and how different it is than the other group that has the same lines. I'm kinda sad we didn't have class Tuesday, this is actually a class I look forward to just because its so much fun. But I did get to sleep in so I guess that was worth it. : )


I'm not going to lie, tuesday was probably the best day I've had all semester long. Because of the convocation I didnt have any class. I was able to get a lot of stuff done and not have to worry about being at class at a specific time. It's good to have a day off like that during the week because sometimes the weekends get real busy and they dont always seem like weekends. Hopefully it will happen again very soon.