Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Dave and I were talking about our scene (during our night class, but whatev) and I'm kind of excited to get into it. The thought of creating a whole history between 2 people with just 10 lines or whatever is kind of cool. And like I look forward to class, I'm looking forward to this final. It's my last one, and not to say it'll be easy (because I know it won't) but it's a different type of preparation that'll mellow me out from the rest of finals week.
Class was fun today, it was a lil difficult initially to come up with ideas. Moreover, the varied ideas I had were enacted by three people before I finally went up, so I had to keep changing the time. Whew !!

Anyway, am looking forward to the finals, dunno how am gonna go about seducing AJ :))
And moreover, I have to write reams of paper to be able to seduce him well. What a world !!


the final seems hard. mitch and i got together today to work on it and we couldnt figure out number 6. oh well i guess we'll find out on thursday. everyone did a good job today presenting. hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! :)


the thanksgiving break was very nice. It was nice just to get away from school for a while. I agree with carbone that it seems we have a lot of papers to type up and it seem weird that we would need to. I guess i just dont think about typing up papers for the final scene, but it will help us make our skit better

Final Project

I just want everyone to agree with me how this final project seems like it's a lot of work. A lot of papers are needed to be typed up for this. Way too many papers. Had a sweet break, i've gotta go get an omlet...STAY OUT THA PAINT

Break was nice

Hmmm, break was both pleasant and painful for me. Painful in that I had a ton of work to do most of it was catching up stuff but the ham and turkey were great! My son came home but did stick around much and I found out he has a 1.2 average for the quarter. What a bummer.

The final skit is going to be fun, even if it require a lot of pre-work to do it. I am reminded of something my former boss told me though.... Remember the 7 P's:


See you all this morning.

Final Project

I have come up with some ideas as to what I want to do for my final project. I really like what I've come up with and I haven't really even looked over it to much. I look forward to going through it tomorrow because I want to be able to get a good grasp of how it will go.