Thursday, October 11, 2007

Todays class was wonderful, i especially enjoyed when we had to pair up and perform as though we were trapped by something. The best was the "twin situation", twas so damn funny.


today was amazing in class. i loved the activity that we did, and may i say that i think we most definably had the best one of the class! we had a really sweet one, and i think dave is still confused. anyhow, the play was good that i saw last night, i hope everyone enjoys it! it is long, and its surely long, but its interesting. let me know what you guys think!
I thought today how totally amazing everyone is. I still remember our first few classes and how no one wanted to "go first," now lots of folks are jumping at the chance. Its interesting to consider how much we have all gotten better since that begining.
I think that the class is getting very interesting now...Before, we couldn't make any noises, then in excercises we could talk and now I really feel like we are begining to "act". It really is cool the different things we learned for instance not playing to your audience so they understand what you are doing, but doing the activity and through that your audience will be enlightened as to what you are doing. But the classes are getting more complex and much more realistic, at least too me. Im kind of nervous about doing the whole tangled up thing later today but hopefully I'll do alright....But that is all I got today, pe@ce out A-town...

Expecting Isabell

I went to see the play "Expecting Isabell" yesterday and i was very pleased with the actors performances. They were mostly all believable in their actions without using props, and the characters that they played. I was entertained throughout the play, and laughed many times. I see now how much of an impact poor acting would have on a real play, especially one without props. The excercises we do in class are exactly the types of things that were demonstrated in the play. The actors were very good at making you believe that there were real props on stage.

thinking about acting

I really think i want to go out for that play. I've never been in a play before but it's always been something i want to try. Now that i was in this class we had an open invitation to try out for this play and i'm really pumped to give it a go. Basically this class is sweet.

Hell week is over for me

Well I had two of my lesson plans this week. One I had to teach with just my cooperating teacher and the other with my supervisor. Both of them went pretty well. I didnt have very many complaints from my supervisor but I didn't do great either. I am jus tso relieved that they are over because I think I have like anxiety from it and I get really nausious and sick when I get nervous and I was def. feeling that way Monday and Wed. when I had to teach my lessons. I am just glad that its over. This semester has been hell for me, but after next week we will be half way done. thank gosh...

late nights keep us up and the morning comes to fast

So I'm up again real late typing in the computer lab a trend that i have been doing for the past two weeks. I mean we are college students we stay up late but lately its been getting to me in the morning. I mean not even coffee is waking me up anymore i just need to catch up on my sleep for once. On the good side of things i did new keys made for my car three new sets. So now i can't lose all of them at once. Its my own fault i lost them i just have this underlying fear that safety services found them and just isn't contacting me because well there safety services. So i am looking forward to class tomorrow and i will be at the play this Friday. I heard so far its very good and i can't wait to see it.