Tuesday, September 18, 2007


So today in class was really hard! it was hard to pick and choose a topic that everyone can do as a group, but that nobody knew what they were doing until Anthony went up and started it. most of the times we couldn't think of or know of what he was trying to show us! But other than that, it was interesting. And that game we played at the beginning of class was cool, we played that a lot at camp over the summer, but it was cool to play it with college kids, and see how they reacted differently than camp kids.


cbone74 said...

Yeh i was tryin hard i rule.

But beyond that i'd like to say that those things we had to do were extremely hard everyone's activity involed pushing something which made it actually somewhat interesting b/c i couldn't wait to see what the next group would push.

behroozavari said...

i sure agree with Tanya, it was fun playing the game. Also the group exercise where we had to act without using our hands was awesome... i liked the way we used our butts to haul ice and then it shrank before we could put it in its place :))