Monday, November 12, 2007

i can't believe it's 11 already

I have a stupid paper to write and I'm not done reading the f-ing book. Crap. Anyway-I saw the play Saturday night, and although it wasn't one of my faves, I definitely think the cast was really talented. It's kind of cool to contrast the difference in acting between dramas and musicals. Personally, I like plays better because they're easier to relate to. And I wasn't as good at musicals. So that's my piece for the week.

The play was different

So i saw the play Thursday night, and it was OK but, not what i expected. I saw it when there was a change in the characters, because one happened to get sick. The replacement did a good job under the circumstances. The story line was weird at first because it just immersed you into the storyline without explaining it fully. SO i enjoyed it, but i liked the other play better. Other than that the weekend was good. I went to the AP semi-formal which was alot of fun. But it was also another long night. The Browns lost and that made me mad, they are still better than the Steelers. Check Spelling

no class but I'm still blogging

Okay so i didnt know if I was supposed to blog even though we didn't have class but I am going to anyways. I went and saw the play Friday. It was hard to understand what the story line was at first just because the beginning of the play was mostly singing and my seat was pretty far back away from the stage so it was hard to understand what they were singing about. Other than that I really enjoyed the play and once I understood what it was about, I liked it even more. I thought it was more interesting than the first play I went to.

no class

i am pretty excited that we dont have class on tuesday, because it will give me time to write my paper thats due on thursday. they play was confusing to me at first but then it stratightened out a little. i just wish there would have been them running through doors like carbone and bray, thats funny and they did such a good job